Macron Dropping Like a Stone

Guest Post by: Nicolas Bay, Member of the European Parliament, for France, Co-President of the ENF Group

Nile Gardiner’s words, “This is a president who cannot lead his people let alone lead the globe”, are very accurate.

Emmanuel Macron’s decline in popularity is both national and global. And the drop-off is very dramatic, indeed.

He is falling like a dead weight on the French stage.

Macron was elected on the promise of renewal and profound change.

In fact, he is the latest avatar of a dying model, cast in the mould of Tony Blair, Matteo Renzi, and Barack Obama: deregulation and disruption of public services, lowering all commercial barriers, abolition of physical borders, as well as the forced march towards a European federalism.

He is increasingly isolated. The new Élysée treaty planned to be signed with Mrs Merkel has failed, exactly like his numerous European tours.

The total opening of the country to massive, unassimilable immigration and unfair competition from manufactured or agricultural goods is – surprise, surprise – not a recipe for success.

It has proven to be the exact opposite.

The truth is that Macron’s model, both on the European and global scene, is weakened and outdated.

In Europe, national forces wanting to protect their peoples are booming, in countries like Hungary, Poland, or our allies in the Lega in Italy and the FPÖ in Austria.

This is also the case in the rest of the world– India, Russia, China, and of course with Donald Trump in the United States.

In France, the “new world” brandished by Macron is proving to be a caricature of the old one: measures that lower purchasing power, raise unemployment and impose new taxes.

Macron has continued the same policy of his socialist predecessors, who have largely rallied to him.

He does not represent a new political force, but rather the synthesis of the previous ones, from centre-left to centre-right, with all their pitfalls and renunciations.

Emmanuel Macron, whose main strength was the mastery of his own communication, has also suffered a series of personal failures.

The latest is his inability for almost two weeks now, to replace his Minister of the Interior, revealing his isolation and decline even more so. He was the second minister to slam the door on Macron, after Nicolas Hulot did so in September.

Macron had been able to benefit from a state of grace that nevertheless has quickly vanished. He is now naked – an emperor without clothes.

Incapable of embodying the Presidential function, he recently made a fool of himself by severely scolding a young unemployed horticulturist who was courteously talking to him. Adding insult to injury, a few days later, in the French Antilles, he was a photographed hugging a nearly naked young thug.

What is he thinking?

His grande design is just not working.

Not satisfied with sabotaging/humiliating his presidential position, he does not miss an opportunity to criticize the French people with utter contempt and condescension.

The collapse of his popularity is only a fair consequence of his international, national and personal behaviour.

He will not last and is not the saviour of anything.

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