John Sununu: GOP Will Win the House – “It’s Going to Be a Surprise for Those Other Stations” (Video)

On Monday Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu went on America’s Newsroom and ripped Axios for their flawed predictions on the midterm election.

Instead, Sununu predicted a Republican wave come next week in President Trump’s first midterm election.

“The other stations are delusional. They’re talking to Washington, they’re talking to Florida, they’re not talking to New Hampshire. They’re not talking to Indiana. They’re not talking to North Dakota or Missouri, or frankly any of the Heartland in America…

When asked if Republicans hold the House Sununu responded:


“Yes I do. Bill. It’s going to be a surprise for those other stations.”

We agree with Sununu.
President Trump hit 50% approval today. That may be the key.

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