EXCLUSIVE… Terrence Williams Blasts Democrats: ‘I Come From the Ghetto, I Don’t Play A Victim,’ ‘This is America – We Have Opportunities’ (VIDEO)

Democrats are intent on keeping people victims and manipulating Americans to “stay at the bottom,” but the reality is we can all achieve the American dream, argues comedian and political commentator Terrence Williams.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit at Diamond and Silk’s movie premier “Dummycrats,”  Williams argued the black community and minorities have overwhelmingly voted Democratic for decades because the manipulative party “preys on the poor.”

“The Democrats are master manipulators. They know what they are doing when it comes to manipulating people and lying to people. The Democrats are smart. I’m not saying that they are smart in a good way, but they are smart because you have to be smart in order to manipulate people. You have got to be smart to have people believing in lies,” he said. “What they do is they prey on poor people and they offer them free stuff – it cost taxpayers a whole lot of money in order for these people to get free stuff – but that’s how the Democrats get people. They prey on the poor. A lot of people that support them, a lot of them are poor people.

Despite growing up in foster care, Williams, the rising social media star and frequent Fox News guest, said he refuses to succumb to the Democrats’ propaganda of victimization.

“I come from the ghetto. My mother had nine kids – six different fathers – and she was on crack cocaine. I grew up with a mother that was on drugs, with nine kids – a single mother – with nine kids, on drugs, and she got her rights taken away because of her drug addiction. If you want to talk about the ghetto, if you want to talk about the black community, then you need to talk to me because I was in it, I know about the ghetto. I come from that,” he explained. “I can say, ‘I’ve been in foster care, I don’t have a mommy or daddy,’ – I can play that game. But I don’t play a victim because this is America and we have opportunities. We can overcome things.”

“We can come from the bottom to the top. But these Dummycrats, they would tell me ‘Terrence, you don’t have to do that. You were in foster care, Terrence. Your momma was on crack. Do you know you can get government assistance? You know you don’t have to work?’ I have siblings that don’t work and they don’t have to work because of the way they grew up. People told them, ‘apply for this and you can live off this for the rest of your life.’ But I don’t play the victim, because this is America and you can come from the bottom to the top.”

Many Americans have been reluctant to reveal that they are conservative out of fear of being marginalized or called racist, but President Trump leading the way in changing the culture, Williams argued.

“For a long time people have been on the down-low. Usually when you think of the ‘downlow’ you are thinking of people who are homosexual who are the  down-low, but people have been on the down-low about being conservative because they have been judged, and talked about and they have been called a racist,” said. “But now, since we have a president and we have people like Diamond and Silk and people like me that speak out, it’s encouraging people to come out and share their views and their opinions. People are being themselves more than ever because we have a president that is real and that is being himself.

“There’s a cultural change going on. Now its time for conservatives to stand up and speak their mind. Be themselves and support what you support, because we will not let these Dummycrats take over the world – not over America.”

Republicans have always been, “pro-black,” Williams argued.

“They fought to end slavery. The Democrats wanted to keep it alive. They wanted my uncle Preston, my grandpa Cleon back in slavery. They didn’t want them to be free. But the Republicans fought for the freedom of people because we are all people at the end of the day,” he said. “Everybody was looking at color, but my granddaddy Abraham Lincoln, he didn’t see color. We are all people, we all bleed red, we all eat fried chicken, we all drink Kool-aid. I don’t know if they had Kool-aid back in the day, but they drank something the same. Republicans have always been about the people. That’s why I can’t get jiggy with the Democrats. They are not about everybody, they are about race-baiting and trying to win. That’s the difference. We are always winning. They are always trying to win.”

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