EXCLUSIVE… Joy Villa at the #Walkaway March: “Americans Are Sick of the Mob Mentality of Democrats” (VIDEO)

Singer Joy Villa joined Brandon Straka and thousands of former Democrats who celebrated breaking free of the party’s mind control at the #WalkAway march in Washington DC Saturday.

In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, Villa argued that more and more Americans are realizing they’ve been manipulated and lied to by Democrats because of President Trump’s leadership.

“Definitely Donald Trump did wake me up. He was the only one that could wake me up,” she said. “I was an independent. I was already sliding towards maybe Bernie, I was already looking for somebody, a populous type of movement. I knew Hillary was wrong. I wasn’t calling myself a liberal. I thought ‘I am an independent, I don’t want to be divisive.’ But I wanted human rights, women’s rights, no racism – all the good things that [Democrats] say they have, but they don’t own. Trump was like, ‘lets bring it back to basics, lets protect our borders, lets protect our citizens – legal citizens, born here or immigrated here. And lets protect our country, lets not go black vs. white.’


Democrats castigate Republicans with accusations of racism, sexism and xenophobia and the Republican party failed at disproving the left until Trump entered the political arena, Villa argued.

“If it wasn’t for Trump, I don’t think I’d tell you right now that I’m a registered Republican because the GOP has an identity problem. They should have been pulling some of the same tricks that, honestly, the liberals have been pulling,” she said. “I get it, we are not about identity politics, but you need to have black speakers. Mia Love, why don’t we know her name? Why isn’t she on TV? Put her on Fox.

“Now it’s a different time, thanks to Trump, because he’s used the media against them, he knows how to work it. But for years the Republicans had the same old soggy guys up there. That’s not going to make anybody walk away.”

Thousands of Americans traveled to the Washington DC and marched in the rain to demonstrate because they are “sick” of the “mob mentality” of Democrats, Villa explained.

“We are not demonizing Democrats – they do that themselves, but we are not here to do that. We are here to show support for people that are sick of the badness that’s out there. Sick of the blame, the destruction, the mob mentality, the threats against our president, against our administration. We are done with that,’ she said. “We are going to be about unity, joining together and love because that is what #WalkAway is about and that what America is about.”

Since becoming conservative, Villa said she realized she was “shackled” by the Democrat party and with her newfound she has more self-respect.

“I have more respect for myself as a woman, as a woman of color, as a family woman, as a married woman, as an artist, as an entrepreneur, as a business woman, as a deeply religious person. Everything about me I feel like is accepted in this movement. Not in spite of it, but because of it – because I am different. And the left is like ‘no, you have to do what we tell you to do, you have to think the way we say and I don’t want to be shackled.

“I have to say to the Democrats, even if you put chains on my wrist, however loose they are, they are still chains. When I was a Democrat, I had very loose chains, because I didn’t fill them too much back in the day. But they started tightening over time as I broke them. I think the future is very bright and its going to get better and better. Compassion, love, unity – that’s what our country is about.”

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