EPIC! Kayne West Exposes Mind-Control Tactics of the Democrat Party’s Corrupt Media and Entertainment Mob

In an Epic Twitter Soliloquy, Kayne West Exposes the Mind-Control Tactics of the Democrat Party’s Corrupt Media and Entertainment Mob

Americans have frequently witnessed different versions of the Democrat Party ‘s political mobs, which take different forms and utilize different means to intimidate their targets, from the overtly violent paid protesters known as Antifa, who are currently threatening ICE Agents along innocent bystanders in Portland, OR, to the paid professional agitators that make up much of the Women’s March and Code Pink, who recently besieged Senators during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Recent polls show that the majority of Americans do not condone the Democrat Party’s use of political mobs, whose sole purpose is to intimidate their political targets. The implication of this sentiment demonstrates that a growing number of Americans can see right through theses deceptive and manipulative political tactics. It would seem that the Democrats are in desperate need of a new playbook.

In the case of Kanye West, the Democrat’s activated their go-to favorite– the media and entertainment mob– composed of their corrupt allies within the legacy news, entertainment, and technology-based media infrastructure. The media mob wasted no time bringing the full weight of their attacks against West in any effort to subvert his freedom of speech and general self-expression. It’s abundantly clear that Kanye’s poignant demonstration of love for the black community, for President Trump, and for America has this Democrat Party, their leftist financiers, and the political media mob in a state of severe panic.


During his landmark meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office last week, Kanye literally mesmerized the West Wing and by extension the American Public, when he expounded upon the importance of free thought and expression without fear of reprisal and recrimination.

West’s exchanges with President Trump are undeniably of high cultural import. His historic treatise explored principles that are fundamental to freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of belief — all profound inter-related American ideals, all of which are liberties set forth in America’s Bill of Rights as inherent God given individual civil rights.

In response to the latest wave of media mob attacks, West posted a video to Twitter Saturday Night in which he brilliantly deconstructs the media mob’s psychological warfare tactics. West begins his prescient soliloquy stating,

“I just want to talk about mind control, you know when people try to influence you through social media, and try to tell you what to do. If you post something that is like positive on Instagram and it gets taken down, if it’s not part of a bigger agenda, you know that’s mind control, that’s the echo chamber that’s trying to control you.”

West then added,

” You’ve got to just question when people who get on tv shows, who all are they doing business with? What are they connected to? What’s their agenda? We’ve got people holding other people down– it’s a modern day psychological, like Ayn Rand, control thing.”

He continued,

“I am not worried about any type of blog or social media. You all already saw that it was a lie! Social media told you that Hillary was going to win, and she didn’t win. Social media told you that people don’t like me, but everyone loves me. Everybody loves Ye, but if you read social media it makes you think something different. Un-program your minds and open up your heart, let the Spirit guide you.

As Kanye West demonstrates as a real-time living example, the Democrat Party, along with their Anti-American financiers and corrupt media co-conspirators, will unleash their relentless political mob attacks on any individual, who dares to question their dogmatic and dictatorial narratives.

With the midterm elections only 3 weeks away, Americans from across the political and cultural spectrum should seriously ask themselves– can I in good conscience endorse a party that regularly uses mob intimidation tactics to undermine America’s most fundamental individual freedoms?

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