“I Hope You F***ing Die – You Deserve to be Pipe Bombed” – Conservative Gay Activist Scott Presler Receives Death Threat, Files Police Report (AUDIO)

Scott Presler is a conservative gay activist, a vocal Trump supporter and Twitter star.

Scott is very popular in pro-Trump circles. He is one of President Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters.

On Wednesday Scott received a voice recording today, which I have on my phone, of someone saying “I hope you [expletive] die because you’re the one who deserves to be [expletive] pipe bombed.”

Scott went to the police and filed a police report following the treat today.

Scott told The Gateway Pundit, “You know, I get harassing phone calls all the time. It’s usually people who leave me voicemail rants. After already receiving 2 harassing voicemails today, I had to call the police after receiving the one about a pipe bomb. I do want to make one thing very clear: I won’t let these threats of terrorism stop me and I’ll be proudly speaking at the Walk Away march in D.C. this Saturday.”

Scott also sent The Gateway Pundit a copy of the recording. We are posting the threat here with Scott’s permission.
(Warning on language)

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