AG Sessions Acknowledges Trump’s Fury Over His Recusal – Dodges Question About Resignation (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions acknowledged President Trump’s frustrations and fury over his recusal.

Jeff Sessions went AWOL day one on the job–even worse, he cited the wrong law when he recused himself.

President Trump has been hammering Jeff Sessions lately, and understandably so.

Most recently, in a “60 Minutes” interview which aired Sunday evening, the President said he’s “very disappointed” in Jeff Sessions.


Reporters pressed Jeff Sessions on Tuesday over his strained relationship with President Trump during a Justice Department news conference.

“Do you believe the President is pressuring you to resign? Or has he ever said anything to you privately to pressure you or encourage you to resign?” a reporter asked Sessions.

AG Sessions dodged the reporter’s question by responding, “The president speaks his mind. He says what’s on his mind at the time and he’s been frustrated about my recusal and other matters, but we have been so pleased and honored to be given the responsibility to execute his agenda at the Department of Justice. Part of that is just this kind of case and so I am pleased and honored to have that responsibility and will do so as long as it’s appropriate to do so.”

When a reporter pressed Sessions again if the President has pressured him in private to resign, Sessions awkwardly answered, “Um, I think so…”

Jeff Sessions rarely publicly addresses his strained relationship with the President; he usually remains silent after Trump batters him in tweetstorms or interviews.


There is no justice in the Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

On Tuesday, the Office of the Inspector General announced a senior FBI official will not face prosecution by the DOJ even though he violated federal law by accepting gifts from a prohibited source, a member of the media.

The senior FBI official then lied under oath to federal investigators about accepting the gifts from a member of the media–He still got away with it, was able to retire and presumably collect a pension.

In contrast, under Sessions’ watch, Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos were both charged with lying to the FBI.

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