WATCH: Kanye West Rocks MAGA Hat on SNL Season Premiere, Refers to it as His ‘Superman Cape’

Kanye West Makes SNL Edgy Again…

The Saturday Night Live season premiere may have started out annoying the right with their ridiculous Brett Kavanaugh parody — but it ended with Kanye West rocking a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat which caused some serious liberal tears.

The artist performed three times during his sixth appearance on the show.

The rapper busted out the hat during his third performance, which was the song “Ghost Town.” He referred to it as his “Superman cape” because it means “you can’t tell me what to do.”

Many supported his bold and brave statement — but the left absolutely did not take it well.

West also wore a MAGA hat on Thursday — with a Colin Kaepernick shirt.

West explained that he had put “positive energy” into the hat.

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