Teen Vogue Glamorizes Teen Abortion, Calls for Colleges to Offer Them on Campus

The hyper-political and extremely far-left magazine Teen Vogue has published a lengthy article glorifying abortion and calling for colleges to offer the procedure on campuses.

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The article is titled “Teens Are Speaking Up About Their Abortions Through Youth Testify” and tells the stories of young women who became abortion advocates after having their own. One of the women describes how she “wants the world to know how much relief and joy her ability to get an abortion has brought her.”

Teen Vogue, which is aimed at very young readers, explains that Youth Testify is a “leadership program” by Advocates for Youth and the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) is specifically for young people who have had abortions.

Teen Vogue is also glamorizing teen abortions.

The group is fighting for colleges to offer abortion pills on campus.

“Currently, many students have to travel off campus to obtain an abortion. It’s reportedly unclear how many campuses across the country offer students access to medication abortions, though a past survey of 139 schools found that only one college provided the health service. California could soon be the first state to require public campuses to provide medication abortions, however. At schools that don’t offer abortion services, students may have to travel long distances or spend hours on public transportation to reach a clinic, which may be a barrier to accessing the reproductive care. That’s why, Jessy said, she feels that it’s important for young people to not only have the healthcare they require available on campus, but also the tools to speak out about what they need,” the article reads.

The article and Youth Testify also heavily stand against parental consent laws, so minors do not have to even alert their parents or guardians about what they are going through.

“Restrictions like parental consent laws make abortion care even harder for young people to obtain than for adults seeking the same or similar procedures,” the article marketed to minors complains.

This isn’t the first time Teen Vogue has raised eyebrows for their extremely far-left editorial.

Last year, the magazine published an uncritical “Antifa explainer” which glorified the violent groups and explained to their young audience what they can also do “in their own lives to stop fascism.”

“Antifa grows out of a larger revolutionary politics that aspires toward creating a better world,” Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, told Teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue also faced backlash after they published a how-to explainer on having anal sex.

“This is anal 101, for teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk,” author Gigi Engle wrote in Teen Vogue’s “A Guide to Anal Sex.” The original version of the story included nothing about engaging in safe sex — but was later edited to urge their teenage readers to use condoms.

Teen Vogue defended the article by calling concerned parents “homophobic.”

“The backlash to this article is rooted in homophobia,”Phillip Picardi, the magazine’s digital editorial director, wrote on Twitter. “It’s also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.”


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