Lukasz Dusza: As Long as Women who Accuse Men of Sexual Attacks are Believed without Any Evidence, No Man is Safe (VIDEO)

On The Gateway Pundit Wrap this week Lukasz Dusza discussed the Kavanaugh confirmation and this week’s by testimony by Christine Ford.

Lukasz blows up the California Democrat witness for her weak accusations and absence of evidence.

Lukasz added,


“If there’s anything we can learn from this it’s this – as long as women can accuse men of sexual attacks are believed without any evidence or due process, no many is safe. Your husband isn’t safe, your sons aren’t safe, your male friends aren’t safe. What this man and his family have to go through is ridiculous. For Democrats and RINOs this is all about pushing an agenda.”

Lukasz is right. Democrats want to bring mob rule back to America.

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