Eric Holder Says Releasing FISA Documents Is An “Abuse Of Power”

As President Trump orders the DOJ to release classified FISA documents regarding the Russia probe, democrats are predictably freaking out. As usual, the democrats are afraid of the truth getting out, as it likely contradicts the narrative that they try to set.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder took to twitter to express his outrage.

“This is an especially dangerous abuse of power by this President. He places his self interest above the national security interests of the country,” Holder tweeted Tuesday morning.

So, according to the democrats, being transparent and not keeping the public in the dark is somehow considered an “abuse of power” and a “self interest.” Because the in the minds of the democrats, the government must maintain a veil of secrecy.

Meanwhile, in still another twisted tale of irony, it’s now come out that Holder’s department of justice had secret rules on how to use FISA to target journalists in the USA. Maybe that’s why Holder doesn’t want more FISA documents to come out. Perhaps it’s his own “self interest” that he’s interested in.

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