Democratic Socialist Threatens Mass Shooting at Trump Hotel

An anonymous Twitter user with an account dedicated to promoting the Democratic Socialists has threatened a mass shooting at Tuesday evening’s MAGA Meetup at Trump Hotel in DC.

The threat was directed at this writer and stated that they are “coming with a gun” and that they “expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies” along with a photo of a gun.

The monthly networking meetup will be a mix of several different pro-Trump groups including Virginia Women for Trump. Members of the media, midterm candidates and people who work closely with the president are often in attendance at the events.


The DC Police Department and FBI were alerted to the threat and are currently at Trump Hotel speaking to their security team.

A manager at the hotel said that they were aware of the threat and have “all measures in place.”

The event begins at 6:30 pm this evening.

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