COLLUSION? Mainstream Media Informed of Twitter’s Infowars Ban Before Alex Jones Was Notified

Multiple mainstream media outlets reported on Alex Jones and Infowars being banned from Twitter before those impacted by it were even notified by the platform.

Infowars has been the subject of a coordinated effort by CNN, Media Matters and multiple other far-left journalists and outlets for weeks. Many believe that the massive effort is an attempt to eliminate their competition as more and more people turn to alternative media to get their news. The fact that all of these outlets published stories about the ban minutes before Twitter announced their decision has fueled this speculation.

Twitter announced the ban at 4:47 pm EST and CNN published an article about it simultaneously, tweeting it at exactly 4:47 as well.


A source at Fox News confirmed that they did not receive any advance press release. Their story was not published until roughly an hour later.

It is even more interesting as the reason for the ban was Jones confronting CNN reporter Oliver Darcy during the Twitter hearing in Congress on Wednesday. Darcy has been one of the reporters leading the charge for Infowars to be deplatformed across social media.

Darcy said during an interview last month that it took “weeks of pressure” from the media to get Infowars banned from Facebook and YouTube.

Buzzfeed and Daily Beast tweeted their reports two minutes prior to the announcement at 4:45, AP tweeted it at 4:46, and the New York Times had a full article published by 4:58.

“Since February this year, CNN’s Oliver Darcy, BuzzFeed and others have lobbied Big Tech to shut down Infowars on every platform. They complied. The fact that corporate media were all tipped off in advance that their competition was about to be shut down once again proves collusion and illustrates how this is all being coordinated and isn’t merely just enforcement of ‘terms of service,'” Infowars contributor Paul Joseph Watson told the Gateway Pundit.

“Silicon Valley and the mainstream media are working hand in hand to silence competing voices. This is clearly harmful to the very spirit of the First Amendment and must be stopped now. Social media is the public square. It’s time it was legally treated that way,” Watson added.

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