VIDEO: London Declares TERROR ATTACK After Man Mows Down Bicyclists In SUV

Another day, another terrorist attack in London. While officials have declared it an act of terror, police have yet to release the name of the terrorist or *WHAT HIS MOTIVATION COULD HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN*. The man can be seen in surveillance footage veering off the road and onto a bicycle path, careening through several bike riders.

The police are being very PC about it, and state that they are “keeping an open mind,” while not releasing any information about the suspect.

Police are conducting searches at three different houses that may lead to *POSSIBLE CLUES* about the terrorist.


The police put out an official press statement, still refusing to name the terrorist or *ANY POSSIBLE RELIGIOUS TIES* he may have.

The Telegraph reports that three people were injured and taken to the hospital.

Radio Free Europe reports:

Witnesses said the driver appeared to intentionally drive the car at high speed toward the steel-and-concrete security barriers that surround the British Parliament.

They said he hit at least one pedestrian before turning onto the wrong side of the road and hitting several cyclists at a busy intersection outside Parliament, and then accelerating into the barrier.

A man and a woman were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and had already been discharged, while another man was treated at the scene, the police statement said.

Police said the crash appeared to be a “deliberate act” and that the arrested suspect was not cooperating with investigators. No weapons were recovered at the scene of the crash in London’s Westminster area.

Video of the moment of impacts, and the scene afterward, including the police with the man in custody, courtesy of The Telegraph:

The Evening Standard has a different angle of the aftermath.

How many more hours or days will it be until officials announce what the *POSSIBLE MOTIVATION* could have been?

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