JUST IN: Prosecution Rests Case in Mueller’s Revenge Tax Fraud Case Against Paul Manafort

The prosecution rested its case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Monday.

Monday marked day 10 of the bank fraud and tax evasion trial against Paul Manafort playing out in an Alexandria, VA courtroom.

Judge Ellis is known for his colorful courtroom banter and impatience–he likes trials to move at lightning speed.

Vice President of Chicago-based Federal Savings Bank James Brennan testified Monday under the protection of immunity.

Brennan testified Monday that the CEO of Federal Savings Bank gave Manafort a $9.5 million ‘high risk’ loan in 2016 against one of his properties even though the bank’s president and underwriters advised against it. Witnesses have testified CEO Stephan Calk expedited the approval of two high risk loans for Manafort in hopes for a job in the Trump administration, reported Politico.

The CEO Stephen Calk was ultimately never given a job in the Trump administration.

Via far left Politico:

A Chicago bank CEO who was seeking a top job in the Trump administration overrode the objections of the bank’s president in order to green light a $9.5 million loan for Paul Manafort in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign, a bank executive testified Monday.

The CEO of the Chicago-based Federal Savings Bank, Stephen Calk, interceded after the president of the bank, Javier Ubarri, decided it was too risky to allow Manafort to draw the $9.5 million in funds out of equity in his Bridgehampton, N.Y. home, bank vice president James Brennan said.

Prosecutor Greg Andres asked Brennan why the bank went through with the loan if its president was opposed to its issuance.

“It closed because Mr. Calk wanted it to close,” said Brennan, who testified pursuant to a grant of immunity from prosecution over his involvement.

Mueller’s prosecutors took quite a beating from Judge T.S. Ellis over the course of the trial against Manafort.

Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee, became very irritated with Mueller’s prosecutors as they droned on an on over Manafort’s lavish lifestyle and his expensive suits.

“Enough is enough” Judge Ellis said to the prosecution. “It isn’t a crime to have money and be profligate with your spending,” Ellis said to one of Mueller’s hack lawyers.

At one point, one of Mueller’s thugs was actually pushed to tears by Judge Ellis out of anger and frustration.

Mueller’s team subsequently filed a formal complaint against Judge Ellis claiming he unfairly blasted them over a witness.

Manafort’s lawyers are expected to file motions to dismiss the counts against Manafort Monday afternoon.

The defense will also announce if they plan to call any witnesses to testify.

Update: Court reporter for Court House News, Brandi Buchman reported Manafort’s lawyer Kevin Downing has requested until Tuesday morning to write his motion for acquittal and Judge Ellis granted the request.

“Defense attorney Kevin Downing has requested until Tuesday morning to write his motion for acquittal. Ellis granted the request.
The motion to acquit hinges on details that defense attorney Thomas Zehnle said Monday would likely come up during their closing arguments.”

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