Mueller’s Prosecutors File Complaint Against Judge Ellis

Mueller’s prosecutors filed a formal complaint against Judge T.S. Ellis this week claiming he violated protocol by ‘unfairly’ blasting the prosecutors over a witness. 

Mueller’s team of liberal hack lawyers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Judge Ellis to the point of being pushed to tears.

In the formal complaint filed by Mueller’s team, they claim the judge’s action on Wednesday in regards to a witness left a negative impression on them.

“The Court’s sharp reprimand of government counsel in front of the jury on August 8 was…erroneous. And, while mistakes are a natural part of the trial process, the mistake here prejudiced the government.”

Far left Politico reported:


The 78-year-old Ronald Reagan appointee has repeatedly tweaked Mueller’s team, on everything from the logic of their assertions to a prosecutor’s informality in answering a question with a “yeah” instead of “yes.” He has hurried along their case and blocked them from introducing some evidence of Manafort’s lavish lifestyle.

Taken on their own, the individual rebukes are relatively minor. But some legal experts say that, cumulatively, they could plant doubt in the mind of jurors about the strength of the prosecution’s case. Renato Mariotti, a prominent former federal prosecutor, tweeted Wednesday that Ellis has made “improper statements that have hurt the prosecution.”

Mueller’s team even filed a formal written protest on Thursday about the judge’s behavior, complaining that prosecutors were being unfairly called out in front of the jury.

The jury and not Ellis will decide Manafort’s fate. But the rulings and commentary of a seasoned judge are sure to have influence over jurors.

Judge Ellis, a 78-year-old Reagan appointee scolded Mueller’s lawyers on Wednesday for allowing a witness from the IRS to remain in the courtroom while other witnesses took the stand and testified.

Witnesses aren’t supposed to hear other people’s testimonies, but Mueller’s team got permission from Judge Ellis last week during the opening argument from the prosecutors.

Judge Ellis told the court, “This robe doesn’t make me anything other than human,” after instructing the jury to forget what he had said to Mueller’s prosecutors about the IRS witness. “You’ve got to put that aside,” Politico reported.

Court transcript of the exchange shows Judge Ellis agreeing the Special Counsel’s IRS witness could observe the trial:

Court transcript shows Judge Ellis admitting that maybe his instructions weren’t quite “clear.”

On Tuesday, the Special Counsel’s ‘star witness’ Rick Gates fell apart during the cross-examination and perjured himself, according to a lawyer who examined the court transcripts.

Paul Manafort’s legal team painted Rick Gates, a former business associate to Manafort as a liar who embezzled millions of dollars to fund his secret life with his mistress in a blistering cross-examination Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Manafort’s lawyers accused Rick Gates of having four extra-marital affairs and suggested he lied to Mueller’s prosecutors about it, which could put his plea deal in jeopardy.

Mueller’s prosecutors are preparing to rest their case by the end of the week.

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