Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe Announces Launch of — VERITAS LEAKS

“I am willing to go to jail to protect our sources’ identities” says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. Channeling Julian Assange and Wikileaks, O’Keefe has now launched his own whistleblower assistance operation: Veritas Leaks.

Known for his unique brand of undercover video as a means to expose the inner workings and corruption of various leftist organizations and figureheads, O’Keefe hopes to spread this style of unabashed truth telling and encourage those work in the media, deep state operations, and other corrupt entities to come forward and to tell their stories.

The full press release reads:

Project Veritas is scaling up their program geared towards protecting, recruiting, and working with sources, called Veritas Leaks. All confidential sources are welcome to take advantage of the program.  Project Veritas is hoping to hear from insiders in the Deep State, Big Tech, and major media outlets.

Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe is committed to promoting a more transparent and ethical society, and acknowledges that to expose society’s deepest issues, leakers and whistleblower require secure and effective ways to sound the alarm:

“I will go to jail to protect a source’s identity. Security is our paramount concern. The goal is for our combined efforts to expose corruption to have a positive impact while protecting the identities of highly-placed informants. Project Veritas will not only welcome whistleblowers bringing truth to the masses, but will use secure means to maintain confidentiality. Along with our undercover journalists, these individuals who exhibit moral courage take great risks for the wellbeing of our country are our absolute highest operational priority.”

Project Veritas offers insiders a specific promise: to shield their identity and maintain anonymity while exposing the greatest threats facing the United States.

The program includes the establishment of an experienced and dedicated team that directly works with insiders that contact Project Veritas in order to securely transfer information and safeguard identities. This team will monitor incoming communications on a variety of encrypted messaging applications.

To begin working with Project Veritas,  people providing valuable news tips are encouraged to visit and inquire further via their preferred communication channel.

The creative content for the ad buys will consist of dozens of various data-driven micro targeted still advertisements across a wide range of internet platforms, as well as two thirty-second video ads which can be viewed below.

UPDATE! EXCLUSIVE! James O’Keefe elaborates in response to questions from The Gateway Pundit regarding protecting the whistle blowers, minimizing the risk of those involved, and possible national security issues:

“The reason we have established this program is because our individual rights, our way of life, and our Republic, it seems, are indeed at risk. While it is possible that a leaker or whistleblower might risk his or her career, we have a lot of experience in minimizing this risk. We are strong supporters of the First Amendment and I’m totally willing, if necessary, to go to jail to protect the identity of our sources. If they have information they wish to send us, we are giving them a platform to pass on any information they wish. It seems pretty unlikely that people would jeopardize national security, they would probably send that to the organizations which hate us. It is possible that we might be passed information which IS vital to our national security, though.”


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