Far Left San Juan Mayor Left Puerto Rico Hurricane Donations ROTTING In A Parking Lot While Blaming Trump For Inaction

Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, reports are now coming out that piles of food and supplies were left to rot in semi truck trailers, and ended up eaten by rats and other vermin. This, while San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz used every opportunity to try to blame Trump, saying that D.C. wasn’t sending enough aid.

To make matters even more troublesome for Cruz, these were found in a government elections parking lot, literally right in front of her face.

CBS, of all sources, if you can believe, reports:

Donated food sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria were left to rot in a parking lot of a government facility, CBS News corresondent David Begnaud reported Friday. Additionally, about 10 containers filled with non-perishable supplies sat at the government facility for 11 months.

Video of supplies covered in rodent droppings was first posted by a Puerto Rican radio station Radio Isla on Thursday. When Begnaud visited, the trailers with the containers were locked Friday. 

Nicolás Gautier, an official at the facility, told CBS News one of of the containers had “food for dogs, and apparently several of the boxes were broken. After the placement in the van, that brings a lot of rats and it infected everything.”

The goods were at Puerto Rico’s elections commission, which has been serving as a collection site for donations.

CBS correspondent David Begnaud posted this video from the site of the now locked semi truck trailers:

This is just another example of the mismanagement of the tragic disaster by the Puerto Rican government. Far left Hillary supporting San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took every opportunity to try to pin all of the blame on Trump. Remember when she gave a press conference blaming Trump for not sending aid, while speaking to media literally in front of pallets of supplies that FEMA had sent? Then it came out that Cruz was refusing to attend any of the FEMA meetings. Cruz’s dismal handling of the situation led to her being called out by another Mayor, Angel Perez, of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, for the phony that she is. Even Trump critic Geraldo Rivera couldn’t stay quiet on the issue, and let Cruz have it.

Meanwhile, they are now estimating 22 times more people are dead than originally thought, with hundreds of unidentified bodies being kept in makeshift mortuaries.

Somehow this is all Trump’s fault?

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