AWFUL. CBS News Tries To Blame Portland Violence On Trump Supporters

In a battle to try to out-fake Jim Acosta and CNN, CBS upped the ante of fake news by trying to angle a national story to pin violence on Trump supporters.

“In Portland, a massive demonstration by a right wing group turned violent,” are the first words out of Reena Ninan‘s mouth during a CBS Weekend News report on the dueling protests.

This would be true except none of the violence came from the “right wing” Trump supporting Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. The clashes and violence were between the police and the Antifa instigators who showed up to start fight.

Ninan stumbled ahead by saying, “Police used tear gas to break up several small scuffles between and some anti fascists. Tensions were high as an officer tried to take a sign away from a woman. He ended up shoving her to the ground. When she got up and ran away, she was swarmed by several other officers.”

This would also be true except the biased Reena Ninan neglects to mention that the tear gas was directed toward the communists of Antifa, and the woman in question was one of the commies. Nina then passes the story off to Portland local reporter Jennifer Dowling of KOIN6.

Dowling’s report at least has a semblance of dignity and truth, as she focuses most of the story on antifa. But she leaves it a little fuzzy by saying, “You can see here police charging protesters who would not obey orders to disperse, and made some arrests.” They also threw in the sound-byte from the police LRAD of “Protesters throwing projectiles including rocks and bottles” and Dowling continues by talking about how police confiscated weapons and shot tear gas and flash grenades to break up the protesters.”

Except they still make it unclear as to which group that was in reference to.

Hint: It was 99% about Antifa. They were the ones who were throwing projectiles at police. They were the ones whom the police launched tear gas and flash grenades at. They were the ones who ignored orders to disperse.

On the Trump side, it was mostly peaceful, as the group marched along the waterfront. But you wouldn’t know that by CBS’s shoddy reporting.

The written piece on CBS’s website tries to pin last year’s train stabber, Jeremy Christian, as one of the right wing Trump supporters, even though he praised Bernie on his Facebook page. They also try to paint Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson as a racist, citing what they read on the interet posted by far left unions and pro illegal alien groups.

I think we all know what the “BS” in “CBS” stands for.



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