Facebook Caves to Leftist Media Mob, Permanently Bans InfoWars

In the latest Orwellian nightmare to come from Silicon Valley, Facebook has caved to the leftist media mob demanding censorship of InfoWars and permanently banned their page.

Spotify, YouTube, and Apple have also censored the right-wing outlet as liberal media has been aggressively targeting platforms that host InfoWars content.

InfoWars host Paul Joseph Watson announced the Facebook ban on Twitter early Monday morning.

Watson was informed that the platform banned InfoWars because of “language” used to describe “people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants,” though they did not provide any specific examples of the unacceptable speech.

WikiLeaks weighed in on the censorship, tweeting that “regardless of the facts in this case, the ability of Facebook to censor rival publishers is a global anti-trust problem, which along with San Francisco cultural imperialism reduces political diversity.”


Earlier this week Apple removed five out of six podcasts created by InfoWars from both iTunes and the Podcast app.

“We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions,” Apple said in a statement to BuzzFeed about the censorship.


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