Elizabeth Warren Throws Shade at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Banning Press From Her Public Event (VIDEO)

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren initially dodged a question about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez banning press from her public events, but eventually threw shade at the candidate by saying that she believes in the press being free to question candidates and elected leaders.

Following a speech at the National Press Club, Warren was asked about her thoughts on the controversial move by her party’s rising Democratic Socialist star.

“Just last week we saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explicitly exclude journalists from two of her town halls that were open to the public, so I’m interested in your comments on that action by her — specifically, but more generally a movement to potentially exclude press from open events,” the host asked the senator.

Warren responded by throwing her hands in the air and asserting that she has had press at every single one of her own town hall events.

“I think that’s the best way to run a democracy,” Warren said, throwing some shade at her younger counterpart.

Ocasio-Cortez received intense criticism over her decision to ban press from the public events, even from the liberal media that usually glorifies her radical positions.

Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim tweeted that Ocasio-Cortez “is in for a rough time on Capitol Hill — where reporters roam freely at all hours of the day and night — if this is her attitude toward the press.”

The ban from Ocasio-Cortez came during the same week as over 300 publications across the country attacked President Donald Trump for his condemnation of fake news, claiming that it was an attack on the free press. Meanwhile, hostile activists masquerading as journalists, such as CNN’s Jim Acosta, are still allowed into the White House press briefings.

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