WaPo Hack Applebaum Attempts to Destroy Esteemed Pro-Trump Official in Recent Screed

Anne Applebaum is a regular columnist for the Trump-hating Washington Post. She is a confessed leftist with few academic credentials who was dismissed by the Legatum Institute in London because she did not like their evolving Christian orientation. She now is on the Soros payroll for a project housed at the LSE. Yes, she should be exposed! Her recent pieces in the failed Washington Post demonstrate a level of Trump hate and disfavor for those who support him.

She did a hatchet job on Ted Malloch who she knows and clearly dislikes.

This was one of her recent screeds against a leader of the anti-globalist right.

Ted was Trump’s favorite to be Ambassador to the EU, while she tries to defame him. The head of the Trump Transition Team for national security, former Amb, Martin Silverstein, can easily confirm this. He and a panel of four others interviewed him last January in Trump Tower. The press corps photographed him there. None other than Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s closest confidant at the Inauguration told him “he had the job”. Roger Stone was also a whisperer to Trump on Ted’s behalf. Many people in Trump world know these facts.

Malloch, unlike Applebaum, has considerable credentials. He has an earned PhD in international political economy, four honorary doctorates, including one from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, for “his contribution to civil society.” He has published 16 books. Read them. He is also a Christian evangelical (Anglican) conservative—a faith Appelbaum also despises, like many on the left.

Critics should read Malloch’s thoughtful piece on Transatlantic Relations in Parliamentarian magazine or on economic populism in American Greatness. He published in a wide variety of sources all over the spectrum some 40-opinion pieces leading up to the last US election. They were brought together in a nice little book entitled, Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory. Maybe Applebaum and her ilk would benefit by reading it and discussing ideas rather than castigating a scholar and diplomat who was on the very Scholars and Writers for Trump masthead. Malloch appeared on BBC, CNN, Fox and elsewhere long before that election as a policy expert.

She quotes the FT, which is being sued for defamation about Malloch without doing any of her own research. For the record, he was a Senior Fellow at Oxford University and its business school for two full years under contract. That’s what took him to England from Yale, were he was previously a Research Professor. Applebaum attended Yale! She must not have taken his classes.

Malloch was also a Professor at the Oxford Study Abroad Program, one of the world’s finest such programs, and a Visiting Scholar fellow at Wolfson College. Check your facts, please. All are easily confirmable, unless you don’t want to know them or have a bone to pick and want to libel a person because of their political ideas.

Malloch held a D-2 level post as the highest American at the UN/ECE in Geneva, Switzerland from 1988-1992. Ronald Reagan appointed him. His recommendations came from then Republican Senators Trible, Lugar and Dole—pretty good ones at that! The head of admin and finance for the UN when he was there issued a letter confirming his position and ambassadorial level in terms of protocol. Enough? No, because you hate conservative intellectuals. Right?

Malloch was “knighted” into the Sovereign Military Order of St. John. It is an honor and the letter came through the Queen. He produced a copy and photo to the FT, which they did not use. Why? It did not fit their narrative, as he was critical of the EU—their patron. He never said he was an OBE or a royal. Americans can’t be—but you know that, correct?

Ted Malloch knows everyone, not just Trump. He ran the CEO Learning Partnership for the large firm, PwC, for a decade. He is a well-heeled policy wonk and appears at think tanks all the time. This includes the likes of the Hudson Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs and many others, worldwide. He has even spoken about his books at the Legatum Institute in London, where Applebaum herself worked. Did she attend? Would you like a photo and summary of the event?

Ted’s memoir Davos, Aspen & Yale is most fascinating. He was on the executive board of the Davos WEF group; Vice President of all programs at the renowned bipartisan, Aspen Institute, and on the faculty of Ivy League—Yale. He worked at the US State Department as a senior economist with Top Secret and Codeword clearances, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and on Wall Street. He is a strategy genius. Just look at all the corporate clients on his past list! They paid him. He was also a cold warrior since birth. Applelbaum doesn’t like that either.

Who said Malloch was not a candidate for a senior post? An anonymous source. Name them!  I can personally tell you, he is held in highest regard not only as a contributor but also as a first rate mind. Ask Steve Bannon or Steve Miller, or maybe Sam Clovis, who gave him glowing kudos. But you don’t care for Trump people. Malloch’s book, The Plot to Destroy Trump is what irks the left, Applebaum, even the jaundiced FBI. Read it and see how the Deep State works.

No one in their right mind would ever think Ted Malloch is an operative or underhanded in any way. He is an ethical person, held in high regard by those who know him well—not those who try to smear him—just because he voted for and endorsed Trump. Larry Kudlow, now economic czar in the White House, said of Ted, “Every CEO should read his book for moral energy.” High praise from a true insider who knows his way around. Maybe Malloch’s economic ideas and focus on moral capitalism and free markets, like Kudlow’s, anger the left.

One thing is certain; everyone should read Malloch’s new book, THE PLOT TO DESTROY TRUMP. He connects all the dots in this farfetched Red November conspiracy.  Maybe that’s why the FBI does NOT want you to read this book based on all the facts.

It is people like Anne Applebaum and her globalist husband, the leftist former foreign minister of Poland, before it turned courses and elected a sound nationalist government, who hate America, Judeo-Christian values, and patriots like Ted Malloch. But the WAPO doesn’t want that known.


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