Unhinged Leftists Target GOP Lawmaker Jason Lewis – Threaten His Daughters (VIDEO)

Leftists targeted GOP Representative Jason Lewis (R-MN) at his home recently. The raucous mob gathered outside his home screaming at the lawmaker and his family.

Violent leftists also threatened the daughters of the Republican lawmaker.

Protesters held a “die-in” protest because of Obamacare which is complete nonsense but since when to Democrats make any sense?

FOX News reported:

Republican Rep. Jason Lewis told Fox News he has contacted the police over threats to him and even his daughters in the wake of reports about controversial statements he made as a radio show host.

“It was serious enough for my office to alert the Capitol Police,” Lewis told Fox News.

The Minnesota congressman said his daughters were threatened in sick messages received by his office. It marks the latest in a wave of threats against not just Republican lawmakers themselves but their families.

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