Right Wing Comedian Hilariously Uses TV Segment to Make as Many Gifs of Himself as Possible (VIDEO)

Right wing comedian Tim Young isn’t being paid for his appearances on Fox 5 DC, so he decided to make the most of his time and spent an entire segment making gifs of himself to use on Twitter.

During the interview, Young managed to get material for eight separate gifs.

“Hey listen, you know I don’t get paid to be here right?” Young asked the host, Jim Lokay, at the start of the interview.


“I’m aware. We pay you in coffee,” Lokay responded.

“Watch, this is what we’re going to do tonight. I’m going to get free gifs out of this. Watch hold on,” Tim said, looking at the camera and pointing at his head. “I’m going to use that on my Twitter.”

The fun continued throughout the six minute long interview.

“I’m tired of typical political commentary and want to have fun with it,” Young told The Gateway Pundit. “I always see gifs used on twitter…. so I thought why not make them while I’m on TV this time?”

Lokay, had no idea about Young’s plan for using the segment to his social media advantage.

“Jim, the host had no idea that I was going to do it… and you  could see that he thought it was hilarious when i started with it in the clip.  Afterwards he shook his head and laughed more,” Young said.

You can catch Tim Young on The Final 5 on Fox DC on Friday evenings.

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