Protesters to Target Amazon’s NYC Bookstore to Demand The Retail Giant End Contracts With ICE

Protesters will be targeting the Amazon bookstore in New York City on Tuesday, demanding that the retail giant end contracts with firms that work with ICE.

The protest will take place at the Columbus Circle book store at noon.

Movimiento Cosecha, the group behind the protest, is fighting for permanent protection of all 11 million illegal aliens that are currently in the US.

“Cosecha is planning a series of actions and campaigns targeting companies like Amazon that do business with ICE, as well as city and county officials who allowing ICE to use their facilities, and government agencies that share data with ICE. Actions will be coordinated under the banner #WeWontBeComplicit,” the organization said in a press release about the protest.

The group claims to be nonviolent.

Open borders groups have been placing intense pressure on Microsoft and other Silicon Valley tech companies to refuse to work with ICE on developing software that can assist the agency in protecting our citizens.


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