Nancy Sinatra, Debra Messing, Toure, Soledad O’Brien, David Hogg Among Twitter Lynch Mob Targeting Trump Supporter #RoslynLaLiberte Over Viral Photo Hoax With Latino Boy

Blue Check Mark Twitter celebrities including Nancy Sinatra, Debra Messing, Rosanna Arquette, Toure, David Hogg and Soledad O’Brien (update: and Ana Navarro) followed Joy Reid and teen activist Alan Vargas in leading an electronic lynch mob set on ruining the life of Roslyn La Liberte, a white woman wearing a MAGA hat seen in an unflattering photograph last week in the Ventura Country Star discussing immigration with Joseph Luevanos, a 14-year-old Latino-American boy, at a Simi Valley City Council meeting on California’s sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

La Liberte and her Woodland Hills business have been targeted with threats and harassment such that one contract has already been canceled in just the few days since the June 25 photo went viral with a false description accusing La Liberte of calling the boy a “dirty Mexican” and saying he would be the “first to be deported”.

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17-year-old March for Our Lives student activist Alan Vargas of Corona, California posted the Star photograph with a caption that implied La Liberte called the boy a “dirty Mexican” and urged people to “put her on blast”.

Screen image from Saturday night shows the Vargas tweet has received tens of thousands more retweets and likes when compared with the embedded tweet above with a current count.

And put on her on blast they did. They created hashtags, #RoslynLaLiberte and #RedHatHarriet, they doxxed her, they memed her, they called and emailed her and posted bogus Yelp reviews to hurt her business.

Big problem. It wasn’t true. Both La Liberte and the boy say their discussion was civil and that she did not say the things she has been accused of by the liberal Twitter lynch mob.

Update: Added CNN’s Ana Navaro, “Oh look, here is today’s racist dujour. Does she have a name, or should we just call her, #RedHatHarriet?”

Navarro’s libelous tweet has garnered a combined excess of 25,000 likes and retweets.

Soledad O’Brien sent the Vargas tweet to her over 850,000 followers with the message, “Ugh. These American racists. But this kid–good gor him.”

O’Brien’s tweet got nearly 3000 retweets and over 6000 likes.

Toure Neblett tweeted to his 190,000 followers, “In the picture below you see an adult woman screaming at a 14 yo child. She is Roslyn La Liberte, a MAGA zealot racist who runs RC Design Construction in California. Wow.”

Neblett’s tweet garnered over 6000 retweets and over 5500 likes.

Entertainer Nancy Sinatra wrote, “Roslyn La Liberte represents what’s wrong with America.”

Actress Debra Messing posted the hashtag over a tweet comparing La Liberte to 20th Century racists and Nazis.

Actress Nadine van der Velde posted the photo of La Liberte with photos of white racists and Nazis and the statement, “”You’re going to be the first deported! Filthy Mexican!” screams #RoslynLaLiberte in a hate filled photo reminiscent of other iconic hate filled images. History is being written. Roslyn LaLiberte has crystallized her place on the wrong side of history for future generations .”

Actress Rosanna Arquette, “Retweeted Touré (@Toure): In the picture below you see an adult woman screaming at a 14 yo child. She is Roslyn La Liberte, a MAGA zealot racist who runs RC Design Construction in California. Wow.”

David Hogg used the Vargas tweet smearing La Libertee to tweet a promotion of the March for Our Lives voter registration drive.

A member of the new hot wing of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, doxxed La Liberte’s business.

Someone with the screen name Anita TimeOut sicced people on La Liberte, posting an awful libelous, doxxing graphic about her, “Roslyn La Liberte is a MAGAT!!! Twitter – do your thing!”

Someone named Lisa Quinn posted what they claim is a text message from La Liberte denying the smears against her, “This is the response I got from her this morning after I left a VM on her biz line. It was sent twice, which makes me think she was copying and pasting a lot last night.”

“It did not happen like that. We calmed down and his mom was right there. We even hugged each other. Believe what’s out there, it’s unfair. I never said anything they accused me of.I know you will find it hard to believe but I’m telling the truth. You should to contact him, his mom or the Simi Valley PD, if you want to hear the truth.”

Someone named Tony Aaron claims he did a one hour interview with La Liberte and posted a one minute clip.

Tony also spoke with Genevieve Peters, the woman in the background of the Star photo.

But Tony is having problems getting his interviews online.

A Newsday reporter, Bill Dedman, linked to La Liberte’s remarks at the Simi Valley meeting, commenting, “The Simi Valley city council testimony by Roslyn La Liberte is in this video at 4 hours, 17 minutes, 40 seconds. She says she is the child of Indonesian immigrants, a Jewish Trump supporter. Subdued, especially compared with photo. … #SB25. #roslynlaliberte”

The boy’s mother, Ruth Luevanos, posted several tweets but did not accuse La Liberte, instead focusing her ire on Genevieve Peters, “The woman with the selfie stick I am trying to block from shoving a camera in my minor son’s face at the Simi ValleyCity Council Meeting this week is Genevieve Peters who is NOT from Simi Valley and booed and screamed her hateful rhetoric the whole meeting.”

Ruth Luevanos spoke about the verbal abuse her son endured at the meeting, but did not blame La Liberte, “Sad to hear Trump supporters booing my 14 year old son, telling him he’ll “be deported,” “go back to Mexico” and calling Mexicans “rapists.” Proud of 350+majority residents who DID respect my son’s right to be am active citizen.”

Luevanos thanked Vargas for his tweet about her son, but again she di not blame La Liberte, “Thank you so much for tweeting this out. My son was frustrated but maintaining his civility. I was trying to block the 2 other MAGA supporters who kept trying to shove a camera in his face. He waited 8 hours to speak.”

Luevanos also reiterated what others, but not La Liberte, said to her 14-year-old son, “Yes. That’s how frustrated my son was in this picture. Unfortunately, this is what is considered “civil discussion” in a Trump era where Trump supporters told him “you’ll be the 1st Mexican deported on the busses,” “go back to Mexico” and “Mexicans are rapists and gangs!”

The OC Register recently reported on a group of pro-Trump California activists who travel to local government meetings on sanctuary policies. Genevieve Peters is featured, as is Arthur Schaper. Schaper has put out a call to action to defend La Liberte.

Click here for Schaper’s call to action for La Liberte.

Video and excerpt of report on the Fox 11 LA interview of La Liberte and Joseph Luevanos in which both say their conversation was civil.

A photo taken by the Ventura County Star that’s been making the social media rounds has become twisted as it churns its way through the internet. Activists have been spinning it in different directions. Some have even alerted companies doing business with Rosalyn La Liberte’s contracting company that they should boycott her firm. In the photo she LOOKS like she’s verbally attacking a 14-year old boy. Now, the two people in the photo are speaking out!

La Liberte tells FOX 11 News, “I’m not an evil person. I’m a mother of five… a Grandma of four.”

But, in a tweeted-photo that’s raced through social media like a wildfire that’s exactly how it looks. Looks can be deceiving. La Liberte doesn’t live in Simi Valley but went to this past week’s city council meeting because she says she’s passionate about the Federal Government’s fight against California’s sanctuary state status.

14-year old Joseph Luevanos was there to take the other side.

During a recess in the meeting the teenager says he started a conversation with the woman to try and understand her feelings, “but, I felt like she was still trying to keep it civil which I appreciate .”

Both he and his mom say there were rude people saying ugly things like the teen would be the first to be deported. For the record, he was born and raised in this part of Southern California and he didn’t like that. But, he says, what you see in the photo isn’t a confrontation but a conversation.

La Liberte says, I never said anything disparaging. I never did.”

UPDATE: Toure Neblett commented on the Fox 11 report, but fails to note the boy said she was civil toward him, “The Fox 11 report on Roslyn La Liberte presents the following as “evidence” that she didn’t verbally attack the 14 yo boy: (1) She’s a mom. (2) She’s a grandmom. (3) She cried in front of the reporter. Reporter never asks her, What exactly were you doing in that picture?”

Also, a liberal found another photo of La Liberte discussing immigration in public. They are upset that Trump supporters are active and not staying home.

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