MAJOR TERRORIST ATTACK Broken Up in Paris – Islamists Plotted Bombing Free Iran 2018 Conference With Several US Leaders

The annual Free Iran Conference was held Saturday in Paris, France.

Nearly 100,000 supporters attended this year’s rally supporting a free and Democratic Iran.

This is the largest convention of its kind in the world.

This year I attended the massive daylong event.

The Iranian opposition in exile is led by Maryam Rajavi.


Over 30 leaders from the Middle East stood on stage in Paris in front of 100,000 freedom fighters to support the Iranian freedom movement.

Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani led the bipartisan American coalition at the conference.

Now this…

A “Belgian” couple was arrested for plotting to bomb this year’s event.

The Guardian reported:

Belgian authorities arrested a married couple on Monday and accused them of preparing a bomb attack in France during a packed rally of an Iranian opposition group last weekend.

As well as Iranian exiles, there were numerous American speakers at the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) event, including Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer.

The federal prosecutor’s office said on Monday that the two, Belgian citizens of Iranian heritage in their 30s, were charged with “attempt at terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist crime” against an Iranian opposition group in the French town of Villepinte, which is close to Paris.

The office said investigators who detained the couple and searched their car found about half a kilogram of TATP explosives and a detonator. A few grams of TATP can cause bodily damage. Half a kilogram would be enough to cause a sizeable explosion and, in a crowd of 25,000, considerable bloodshed and widespread panic.

After their detention, police raided five homes over the weekend but did not elaborate on the results.

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