Liberals Start GoFundMe Page For Lunatic Who Smashed Trump’s Hollywood Star with Pick Axe

As most Gateway Pundit readers are aware of by now, a man named Austin Clay *allegedly* destroyed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Crazed leftists have now started a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to support Clay.

Created by someone named Carina Hull, the page has raised $2,300 from 153 donors in just 10 hours.

Video has now surfaced of the pickaxe-ing, courtesy of TMZ:

(How sad is it when TMZ is a more legitimate news source than the very fake CNN and MSNBC?)

The GoFundMe page has released a few updates:

In the comment section, other crazed leftists are heralding Clay as a hero:

Rumor has it Clay is being bailed out by James Otis, the guy who smashed up Trump’s star in 2016, so it’s entirely possible that this Carina Hull woman (?) is scamming people.