Facebook & Twitter Keep Pro-Pedophile Posts, Censor Declaration Of Independence

Just a few weeks after censoring the Declaration Of Independence and removing posts in reference to it, Facebook has once again reached a new low by not removing pro-pedophilia content.

Originally published last year, a VICE article titled “I spent a year living with ‘non-offending’ pedophiles” has once again resurfaced on a Facebook page called Portland Antifa. While many suspect that this Portland Antifa page is just satire, the fact remains that pro-pedophile links and conversation is allowed on Facebook. As long as it’s a radical leftist organization posting about it.

In fact, the original posts from VICE from last year remain on Facebook.

Twitter has also gotten in on the action, leaving not one but two posts from VICE in regards to that article. One was posted on May 3rd, 2017, and the other just 5 days later.

There have even been follow-up stories that glorify pedophilia that have not been removed.

While our nation’s founding documents are considered “hate speech,” Facebook and Twitter are openly lending support to the pro-pedophile community.


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