Candlelight March Set for Anniversary of Seth Rich’s Death: ‘We’re Still Searching for the Truth’

Americans will hold a vigil in Washington, D.C., on July 10 to mark the two-year anniversary of the murder of Seth Rich, the Democratic National Committee voter-expansion data director whom some suspect handed over thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election.

The anniversary event will begin with a press conference hosted by the Washington-based attorney and lobbyist  Jack Burkman alongside popular internet podcaster and owner of America First Media Group, Matt Couch, both of whom, with teams of private investigators have been on the hunt for slain DNC staffer, Seth Rich’s killer.

Reaffirming the search for Rich’s killer, Burkman will reveal new findings from The Profiling Investigate Project, a private investigative team created for the Seth Rich case, and will “reveal two previously unknown sources who may be key to unlocking the mystery,” according to a press release obtained by the Gateway Pundit.

Following the press conference, the day will end with a candlelight march to the spot where Rich was killed.

“Two years ago, a family’s world was turned upside down while police wrote it off as a cold case,” Burkman said in press release. “We want to show hope isn’t lost and pay our respects to a beloved fellow Washingtonian who was taken much too soon.”

Rich, 27, was a DNC voter expansion data director for two years and had accepted a position with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He was murdered in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016, near his apartment in an affluent neighborhood. Rich was shot twice in the back with a handgun, and his wallet, credit cards, watch and phone were left in his possession. The Metropolitan Police Department has described it as a “botched robbery.”

Private investigators have claimed there is evidence Rich was the source who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of bombshell emails that rocked the Democratic National Committee in the summer of 2016 just ahead of its convention and the 2016 election. The emails, indicating the party was manipulating the primary race in favor of Hillary Clinton, led to the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. On July 22, just 12 days after Rich’s death and days before the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, WikiLeaks released 20,000 emails from DNC officials.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has also insinuated Rich was the source WikiLeaks used to obtain the emails.

“People forget that, at the end of the day, Seth Rich was a beloved son and friend,”  Burkman said. “We’re here to remind everybody that we’re still searching for the truth.”

Last year, the Profiling Project released an 80-page report in June containing preliminary findings, primarily concluding that Rich’s killing was not random, as police have long claimed, but “more likely (was) committed by a hired killer or serial killer.”

Burkman has created, paid for and erected billboards in the neighborhood where Rich lived and died; built the website ( and canvassed the neighborhood with Seth Rich’s parents. Last year, he sued the Democratic National Committee for the release of the hacked DNC server he claimed will reveal key information in solving the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

The DC-based attorney has also offered a $105,000 reward of his personal money for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer. WikiLeaks is offering $20,000, One America News Network $100,000, the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department $25,000 and Businessman and investor Martin Shkreli $100,000.

Couch and his team of private eyes are are facing two major lawsuits for uncovering evidence that insinuates the slain DNC staffer’s murder was politically motivated, one of which is being waged by Aaron Rich, the brother of Seth Rich.

The DNC has yet to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of its own young staffer.

The DNC honored its murdered employee by dedicating a bike rack outside its headquarters to Rich’s memory.

Establishment media have ignored revelations concerning Rich’s case. The little coverage of the investigation has been devoted to dismissing speculation surrounding Rich’s murder as “conspiracy.

The press conference will be held at the Key Bridge Holiday Inn in Arlington, Virginia at 1:00PM.

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