Blog Posts and Videos From Rick and Morty Creator Surface in Which He Repeatedly Uses N-Word, Jokes About Sex With Children

Dan Harmon, the creator of Rick and Morty, has been under scrutiny ever since he deleted his Twitter account as director James Gunn’s tweets about pedophilia began to surface. Since that time, an old video of him “raping” a baby doll has come to light.

Now, an old MySpace page has been discovered by the sleuths on 4Chan, in which the Hollywood darling repeatedly used the n-word and states that he has sex with children. He claimed in his post that he was doing it in order to throw off his agency “when they skim this for things that threaten our income stream.”

In a post from Sep 8, 2007, Harmon responded to a letter from one of his readers that complained about him allowing random people to comment on his blog. The censorship of sensitive words was added by The Gateway Pundit and was not written that way in the original post.

“Oh, crap, I’ve already decided to publish yours and my letters in my blog and my agency isn’t going to like that lat line (last line) when they skim this for things that threaten our income stream, but maybe if I keep typing enough more words so that it’s a little buried in the body instead of being the last thing in the letter, nobody will see it.  Now is the time for all good men to suck a c-nt.  Aids aids aids, n—er n—er n—er.  Oswald acted alone.  The government is lying.  I have sex with children.  The FDA is run by pharmaceutical companies that pay doctors per prescription.  Your food is poison.  We are in the middle of a mercury-induced autism epidemic.  Plastic never degrades.  The meat industry contributes more to the greenhouse effect than the automotive industry.  Obama is being politically assassinated by his own party because they’d rather have a better chance at winning.  They’ve done nothing to get us out of Iraq.  Your vote means nothing.  Withholding your income tax is punishable by imprisonment because if half the people that voted did it, we could have the government on its knees.  Nobody wants that because we are the government, we are pigs, we wipe our asses with Arab skin and we enjoy it,” it went on and on.

The n-word is used at least 20 times throughout the posts.

Additionally, his musical tastes contained some pretty colorful language.

A video on LiveLeak also claimed to be from Harmon’s Instagram. It featured a heavy implication that a baby was touching Harmon’s crotch. It was deleted from the website soon after a screenshot was tweeted.

A video of Harmon co-starring Sarah Silverman and the n-word is also being passed around.

While these people feign outrage at any joke made by someone on the right, their own “humor” seems to cross every line that the liberal mob has imposed upon everyone else.


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