WATCH=> Speaker Paul Ryan Won’t Commit to President Trump’s $5 Billion Request for Border Wall (VIDEO)

Speaker Paul Ryan was asked on Wednesday morning if he will commit to President Trump’s request for $5 billion for the Trump border wall.

Ryan waffled.

President Trump ran his campaign on building a border wall to stop the flow of illegal immigration.
So far Congress has denied him funding for the project despite passing a record $1.3 trillion omnibus last March.

Here is the transcript from the FOX and Friends segment:

Brian Kilmeade: You’re going to visit with the president today. You’re going to tell him he has $5 billion for the wall. Is that correct?

Speaker Paul Ryan: Well look, we’re going to talk to him about a whole slew of issues but mainly how to get this appropriation process back on track so that at the end of the year we don’t have one giant omnibus appropriations bill. Nobody wants that. The senate is actually engaged. So we have a much better plan with the senate to get appropriations done separately. We really just want to get the military funded, on time, on budget, on schedule this year, which is the primary concern.

Brian Kilmeade: Is $5 billion accurate?

Speaker Ryan: That’s the latest request so the appropriators are working on that. They changed their original request so that’s working through the system.

Ainsley Earhardt: The president, what did he want? He wanted $35 billion?

Paul Ryan: $26 billion. Right now you have of that 25, 1.6 billion, which was the administration’s request. The administration in this current year asked for $1.6 billion. That has been funded and those dollars are being spent. That construction is now occurring. So there is money being spent on the wall.

Didn’t Trump request the full amount last spring? And didn’t the funding ban work on a border wall?

Via FOX and Friends:

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