Paul Ryan’s $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bans Trump From Building Border Wall With Prototypes He Inspected in San Diego Last Week

Trump announced Friday in a press conference he will sign the Pelosi-Ryan uniparty monstrosity of a spending bill.

$1.3 TRILLION and no border wall.

It gets worse-not only is there no adequate funding for the border wall, hidden in this monstrosity is verbiage that bans Trump from building the border wall with prototypes he just inspected in San Diego.

Border wall prototypes / AFP PHOTO / GUILLERMO ARIAS 

Breitbart reported:

The omnibus spending bill bans Trump from using any of the new border wall designs his administration has commissioned, instead only allowing for previously-used fencing barriers to be constructed.

The spending bill includes allowing existing fencing to be used for:

  • 14 miles on the southwest border in the San Diego Sector.
  • 25 miles along the southwest border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.
  • Primary pedestrian fencing in Rio Grande Valley Sector.
  • Primary pedestrian fencing along the southwest border.

In total, only 33 miles of the southern border will see new, previously-used fencing added, while nearly 50 miles of old fencing will be replaced with new fencing, and 14 miles of current border fencing will get a face-lift.

President Trump traveled to San Diego, CA on March 15th to tour the eight border wall prototypes.

During his assessment of the border wall prototypes President Trump spoke with a border patrol agent.

The border patrol agent told President Trump the current border wall system in San Diego reduced illegal crossings by 95%.

Trump also trashed California Governor Jerry Brown while he was in San Diego.

“I think Governor Brown has done a very poor job running California,” Trump said citing high taxes and a growing problem of illegal aliens thanks to the Democrats’ dangerous ‘sanctuary city’ policies.

Conservatives are furious over this gigantic omnibus bill. Donald Trump ran his campaign on building a wall and securing our borders.

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