ANALYSIS: Did Obama’s Deep State Get Slapped By Putin?

Guest Post By Gary Gindler

A few days after the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, one can make an unambiguous conclusion: the Russian intelligence services outmaneuvered the remnants of Obama’s corrupt FBI and the CIA leadership when Putin invited Mueller’s investigators to come to Moscow and interrogate twelve Russian state hackers. Of course, Russian military officers are not threatened, but during this interrogation, Mueller’s investigators will have to unconsciously disclose what they do and do not know about the Main Intelligence Directorate (military intelligence, commonly abbreviated as GRU), and SVR, the successor of KGB.

Putin’s condition for Americans interrogating Russian operatives would be that Russian interrogators would also be able to come to America with the privilege of interrogating American operatives. At the same time, Putin said that some U.S. intelligence agents were involved in the transfer of $400 million from Russia to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (the next day Putin corrected a slip of the tongue – thousands, not millions of dollars).

The unprecedented arrival of Russian investigators to America and interrogation of secret agents of the FBI or the CIA is what Obama’s Deep State has in fact achieved.

On the one hand, it is about his intelligence services. At the head of the FBI and the CIA are his people. On the other hand, the top echelons of the American intelligence services are corrupt fighters of the bureaucratic troops of the Obama’s Deep State, who, as we now know, are participants in a conspiracy against Trump. A plot first aimed at winning the Presidency by Hillary Clinton, and then, after losing it – to squeeze out Trump from the White House.

Until recently, agent Peter Strzok was one of the leaders of U.S. counterintelligence, who, as we now know from the hearings in Congress, demonstrates all the clinical symptoms of a psychopath. Also, there is every reason to believe that he, like Obama’s right-hand advisor Valerie Jarrett, was the conductor of Obama’s pro-Iranian policy. He, like Jarrett, grew up and was raised in Iran, and then – in Saudi Arabia.

According to some sources, it was Strzok that was the channel of communication between the Director of the CIA (possible) communist Brennan and Obama, and the regime of religious fanatics of Iran. In addition, the Strzok family has deep ties with the Clinton family, and one of the relatives of Strzok, General James Cartwright, leaked information about the mysterious American-Israeli Stuxnet computer virus (the virus that destroyed many Iranian centrifuges). Obama issued a presidential pardon to him just three days before the end of his term.

Should the current President defend such intelligence services? Should the current President trust them one hundred percent? Should the President believe those who organized politically-motivated electronic and human surveillance of him and his campaign? Should the President trust those who openly and demonstratively hate him? Put yourself in Trump’s shoes: on the one hand, American intelligence services he inherited from Obama have betrayed him treacherously, and on the other hand, he finally has a sense of what the Russian intelligence services are capable of.

Trump witnessed that Putin was also well prepared for the meeting in Helsinki. The soccer ball from the World Cup, presented to Trump, and the offer to exchange prosecutors was not impromptu, but the result of meticulous homework. It was designed specifically for the press conference stunt, and not for closed room negotiations.

Look again at the recording of the press conference of Trump and Putin. For Trump, the offer to exchange of prosecutors was a complete surprise. Apparently, Putin did not offer him anything like that at the meeting. Trump immediately realized what the political consequences of the arrival of Russian prosecutors in Washington for interrogation of American intelligence officers (de jure – his spies, and de facto – the spies of Obama) could be, and a grimace flashed across his face.

It seems that neither Trump nor the Obama’s Deep State expected such a strong move from Putin. The Clintonistas thought that by fanning the Russian-Tramp fantasy, they would be engaged in purely domestic affairs, and Russia would not be involved in this matter. It turns out that contrary to expectations, Russia wanted to take part in this matter too, pursuing its own goals.

Russia’s strategic goal is to destroy America as an oil and gas rival. Their tactical goal is creating a smokescreen for this strategic goal.

Unfortunately, many do not understand that there are two storylines currently running in parallel. First, Russia has been trying to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States since the mid-1930s, and second – Trump has secretly conspired with Putin and is his puppet. If the first storyline is a reality, then the second one is a fiction. Why? If only because in favor of the first there are numerous pieces of evidence, and for the second there are just the inflamed imaginations of the supporters of Princess Hillary.

American leftists on the issue of Trump-is-Putin-marionette went all-in. They don’t have any other political ammunition left, nor do they have different ideas about the defeat in the 2016 election and the imminent collapse in the 2018 elections.

Why did the leftists go crazy now, accusing Trump of all sins? Not only because they do not have a political alternative to Trump, but because the cacophony of their cries about Helsinki is due to paint a horrible picture of the possible future that Putin showed them.

Imagine this– the interrogation of Clintonistas deeply embedded in U.S. intelligence, an interrogation that is conducted by notorious experts in questioning from the KGB/FSB headquarters at Lubyanka Square.

The primary task of leftists has now become preventing the exchange of prosecutors. What political price are they willing to pay for this?

P.S. The Russian intelligence services of Putin outfoxed the remnants of Obama’s U.S. intelligence services in the field of PR. However, immediately after the meeting in Helsinki, the U.S. dollar and the U.S. stock market rushed up, and the ruble and the Russian stock market fell (this trend has been going on for several days already). In other words, those people who turn trillions of dollars for a living, correctly understood who won the fight in Helsinki by words, and who won – by deeds.

Gary Gindler is a conservative blogger at Gary Gindler Chronicles.


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