Activists Sully Second Anniversary of Seth Rich Murder with Batsh*t Crazy Press Conference

Tuesday was the second anniversary of the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

On Monday The Gateway Pundit announced that a witness was going to step forward to identify his killers.

After reviewing the information from the press conference we cannot support these claims revealed today

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe went to the press conference and filed this report:

The “witness” did not appear at the event and called in instead.

The witness alleges slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was killed by two government employees, who worked as Rod Rosenstein’s “dirty squad” when he was U.S. attorney for Maryland,
for breaching the Democratic National Committee server in 2016.

The witness, who called into a press conference using the alias ‘Luke,’ Tuesday, claimed Rich was murdered by three men that are his colleagues and friend, an AFT agent, a DEA agent and a former government employee.

He only learned of Seth Rich, he alleged, because the government agents were “bragging” they got away with killing him on a number occasions.

“The people involved in his death – I know them well, personally and professionally,” he told a room full of reporters on speaker phone at the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn, Virginia Tuesday.

“I do not know Seth Rich, never met him. Didn’t know the name until late 2016 when these people were bragging about what they’ve done and how they’ve gotten away with everything. This was through multiple conversations held with other people in front of me or in front of me and people I know,”

“I did some research and found out what they were talking about through my channels. They had details about what happened that night, leading up to it, the actual act, and occurred right after it and why,” he continued. “Whether or not he gave anything to WikiLeaks I have no idea. But going into the system, what they had control of set off everything. When he grabbed that many, they assumed it was for investigation.”

The witness explicitly detailed what how his colleagues allegedly murdered Rich after surveilling him for weeks.

“There were three involved that night.  Two were waiting near his home. They had been watching him for a week or week and half to two weeks prior to this. They were waiting for hours. It was getting late – DC wakes up early. He was gone so long, they thought this would be sometime in the night,” he said. “They got the call, he was heading home.  They went from being half asleep, to up on adrenaline.”

“They approached him from behind. The normal stop – ‘get on our knees, cross your ankles, hands behind your head.’ They couldn’t identify him, they wanted to make sure they had the right person. One came on him from behind, the other approached his right side. They had to get almost even with him because his arms were behind his head.” he continued.  “They looked at him. They shot him in the ribs. He crawled to his left, he tried to scramble away – they ridiculed him in a sexual manner [about’ ‘getting on his knees and dying on his knees.’ He went forward, they shot him again.”

After shooting him, the alleged killers rolled him over, took the thumb drive and left.

Rich, 27, was a DNC voter expansion data director for two years and had accepted a position with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He was murdered in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016, near his apartment in an affluent neighborhood. Rich was shot twice in the back with a handgun, and his wallet, credit cards, watch and phone were left in his possession. The Metropolitan Police Department has described it as a “botched robbery.”

Private investigators have claimed there is evidence Rich was the source who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of bombshell emails that rocked the Democratic National Committee in the summer of 2016 just ahead of its convention and the 2016 election. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has also insinuated Rich was the source WikiLeaks used to obtain the emails.

The alleged assailants monitored government computers systems and feared their criminal history would be exposed when the Democratic National Committee’s data was breached, Luke claimed.

“They had been surveilling him because of his computer breach. They knew it – they knew what he’d done. It was too close for comfort. They believed that they were under investigation,” he said. “[Rich’s killers] monitored quite a few things, they were into emails and into the computer systems. And when this happened it set off all their bells and whistles. They wanted to know immediately who he was, what he was doing. This was a large thing he did, Seth Rich went in and he grabbed a bunch of emails,” he said.

The men who killed Rich were Rod Rosenstein’s “dirty squad,” Luke claimed, warrning that Rosenstein may not have authorized Rich’s murder, but “he was certainly their protection on the other end.”

“There was a group of people who worked for Rod Rosenstein in Baltimore when Rosenstein was US attorney in Maryland,” he said. “This was his dirty tricks squad. These were all people who owed their careers, many times their freedom in looking the other way and helping them out in other cases when they were compromised. They are all dirty cops. And he exploited that, a lot. He was their protection for everything. This is why they felt open and free to discuss it and brag about it. It wasn’t until later, when they felt their protection was waning that they started coming back and saying ‘don’t you repeat anything.’

They were details of the night. They were people involved. There have been rumors that it was MS-13, it wasn’t. It’s interesting that that rumor popped up in the very beginning. DEA personnel is the so-called division that investigates MS-13. There were rumors that it was the Russians. It wasn’t, although there is a Russian tie of the information sharing between Rosenstein’s team, all the bit coin and money laundering with Russia. There’s also that this Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats had him killed. All the shooters, the people who planned the surveillance – they are all Republican.

The witness was originally slated to attend the press conference in person, but didn’t because he “fears for his life” and plans on substantiating his claims with hard evidence once provided adequate protection.

“The danger — they are geographically close and they are nasty,” he said. “There is no reason to poke them like that when protection could be easily arranged.”

If you presume the witness is telling the truth the reasons he would fear for his safety are quite obvious you are dealin with bad feds. Its clear to me a big problem in law intel bureaucracy the government works out of necessity with too many people who have been on the other side of the laws.

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