11-Time Deportee with Stolen Vehicle Attempts to Kill Wife With Chainsaw

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Being deported 11 times didn’t stop Alejandro Alvarez Villegas from sneaking back into the US for a 12th time. Except he won’t be leaving anytime soon. Villegas is accused of attacking his wife with a CHAINSAW. So now we’ll be stuck footing the bill for his time in prison.

The LA Times, of all publications, reports:

A man suspected of attacking a woman with a chain saw in Whittier was arrested Thursday afternoon in Chula Vista, authorities said.

Detectives took Alejandro Alvarez, 32, into custody in the 3100 block of Main Street, where he was still in possession of a stolen vehicle, according to the Whittier Police Department. Police said he will be booked at the Whittier jail on suspicion of attempted murder, child endangerment, hit-and-run and grand theft auto.

The attack occurred about 3 p.m. Wednesday. Whittier police responded to the 7700 block of Milton Avenue regarding an attempted murder stemming from a domestic violence incident, police said in a statement. When officers arrived, they found a woman suffering from “traumatic physical injuries, believed to have been inflicted by a chain saw.”

The woman was taken to a trauma center and her condition is unknown, according to police.

LA Times published a follow up story:

A man suspected of attacking his wife with a chain saw in Whittier had been deported 11 times since 2005, immigration officials said.

Immigration officers have lodged a detainer against Alvarez, requesting that local authorities notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement before his release to allow them to take the man into custody, ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley said.

“Department of Homeland Security databases indicate Mr. Alvarez-Villegas is a serial immigration violator who has been removed from the United States 11 times since 2005,” Haley said in a statement.

Depending on criminal history, someone in the country illegally who reenters the U.S. after having been previously removed has committed a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison, according to ICE.

Since one of the charges is child endangerment, I suppose this is the model “valued undocumented community member” that the left doesn’t want to see separated from his children. Yes, according to leftists, this poor innocent guy is just a victim of Trump’s immigration policy and white privilege.

This is just the latest in the never ending string of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.


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