Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol: G7 Leaders Should Have Called For Mueller Investigation To Continue Unimpeded

President Donald J. Trump’s accomplishments his first 500 days in Office are arguably the best first 500 days of any President in US history since Washington.

Today there are more people working than at any time in US history.  Millions of Americans have received bonuses due to the tax cuts. The president decimated ISIS by the end of his first year in office– with an estimated 1,000 ISIS fighters or less remaining. Trump is preparing for a summit with North Korea next week that may end in a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula, something unimaginable for 70 years.

All the while, the commander in chief has been dogged with the Russia probe — a bogus investigation premised on unsubstantiated allegations that Trump colluded with Russia to hack the DNC server during the 2016  presidential election (the server the DNC refused to avail to the FBI and destroyed).

The Russia probe has yet to produce an iota of evidence substantiating collusion between Trump and the Kremlin. But Democrats won’t quit.

And neither will #NeverTrump “conservatives,” like the Weekly Standard’s editor-at-large Bill Kristol.

As Trump met with other Western leaders during a contentious G7 summit over trade issues Saturday, Kristol fantasized about foreign meddling into our political process to derail the president.

“How great would it have been if, after Trump’s early departure from the G7, the other leaders had issued a statement calling for the Mueller investigation to be allowed to proceed unimpeded?” the self-anointed definer of conservatism tweeted .

Last month, the prominent Never Trumper argued that a conservative should to take on the president in the 2020 Republican primaries.

“I don’t know if a challenger would succeed. In my view, I think it’s important to have one just to force the debate,” Kristol said. “I think if Trump were to lose in 2020 it would allow for someone to step up and say, ‘Well, here’s a different way forward than just kind of trying to redo Trump over the next several years.’”

Ohio governor John Kasich, Kristol explained, would be the most formidable challenger,

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