Vegas Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglar

A Las Vegas homeowner awoke to the sound of 2 men breaking into his home on Wednesday morning. So, this being Vegas, the homeowner grabbed his gun and fired at the intruders, hitting one of them multiple times. The burglars fled, with one of them, later identified as Jimmy Leroy Matthews, collapsed in the street. Matthews was taken to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

Las Vegas police were called at 11 a.m. about a prowler on the 2800 block of Hermosa Street, near East Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway, Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Spencer said. Officers arrived shortly after another caller reported gunshots in the area, he said.

Police found a man they believe to be 40 years old in the street with multiple gunshot wounds, Spencer said. The man was pronounced dead at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Spencer said two men had jumped a wall to a home before the shooting. One of them had a pry bar with him.

The homeowner noticed one of the men trying to pry open a back window, and he fired multiple shots at the intruders. Both men jumped the fence before one of them collapsed in the street. The other man fled the scene, and has not yet been identified.

The Review Journal also reports that this qualifies as a “homicide”, so you can expect the Bloomberg PR team to have this on their list of “gun violence” incidents.

KTNV follows up, reporting that no charges will be filed against the homeowner:

A failed burglary turned deadly near Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway Wednesday.

Las Vegas Police say they were called to a home in the 2800 block of Hermosa Street by a resident who said a man was attempting to break in through a sliding glass door.

“They didn’t seem like they came from here,” said neighbor Liz Cannon.

“They were looking over their shoulders, they were looking around, seeing if anyone was looking around,“ said Cannon, describing two men she saw in the neighborhood moments before the gunfire.

Police say the resident, fearing for his life, shot at the suspect.

Las Vegas police say people have a right to defend themselves if they feel endangered and do not anticipate filing charges.

Strangely enough, KVVU in Vegas tries to paint the burglars as innocent:

“There was a lot of police activity,” neighbor Oscar Rodriguez said.

Police said two suspects jumped a wall to gain access to a home along the 2800 block of La Canada Street. One of the suspects used a pry bar to try and open the home’s back sliding window, according to police. When the home owner saw the suspects, he grabbed a gun and opened fire.

“Shooting him in the foot would have been a better idea,” neighbor Elizabeth Cannon said. “He has the right to defend his property but not in the way of murdering someone.”

“If he felt he was in danger I guess he has the right to [shoot],” Rodriguez said. “But I would shoot him in the leg to keep him alive then call police.”

According to police, both suspects tried to get away, but the suspect who was hit by gunfire collapsed in the roadway and was pronounced dead at Sunrise hospital.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the second suspect was not in custody.

Obviously the people advocating for aiming for the legs or feet have never taken any sort of firearm training, as nearly every firearm and use of force instructor teaches people to aim for the center of mass, as you have the best chance of hitting the bad guy’s central nervous system, center of mass presents a larger target with less chance of missing, while shooting at the legs increases your chances of missing and possibly hitting something unintentionally or having a ricochet. On top of that, hitting someone in the legs would not stop the person from reaching for other types of weapons that they may have, such as a gun of their own.

Scarier still, a ginned up prosecutor could make the case that you didn’t “fear for you life” by shooting an intruder/burglar in the legs, saying that you should have shot at the center of mass if you truly felt in danger, and then use your actions to charge you with some form of attempted manslaughter or similar. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone defending themselves would face felony charges and the actual bad guy would be legally referred to as a victim.


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