Thousands Of Mexicans Take Over L.A. Streets Celebrating Soccer Win (VIDEO)

In what is being called a series of a “street takeovers,” thousands of fans of the Mexico soccer team swarmed the streets of Huntington Park, just south of LA, to celebrate the team’s 2-1 win over South Korea in the FIFA world cup soccer tournament. The lawlessness predominantly involved cars in the middle of various intersections spinning donuts around the street, as onlookers encircled the areas and cheered them on.

The crowd had initially gathered to watch the game on a giant projector, likely paid for by the city, aka the taxpayers.

Raw video of some of the action, via Bill Melugin of FOX LA:

In one of the videos, a spinning car hits one of the onlookers:

Police eventually moved in to break up the crowd and were hit with bottles thrown at them by little kids.

Another unruly “fan” was seen launching a firework at police after Mexico’s previous world cup win earlier in the week.

But that didn’t stop crowds from gathering up again later in the night, to repeat the intersection street takeovers.

But according to the democrats and wacked out leftists, these are just the innocent, asylum-seeking immigrants who just want a better a life for themselves and their families.



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