Oregon Schools Now Offer THIRD GENDER Option To Students

Oregon, of course, continues to blaze the trail in the gender revolution. The state has now bravely gone where no person or trans-species-of-other-self-identification has gone before. They are now offering a third gender option for both teachers and school kids when they register to start classes.

KUOW reports:

The Oregon Department of Education is introducing a new gender option for students and teachers.

Starting this September — the new school year — they’ll have the option of marking “X” for gender on school forms, instead of just “M” for male or “F” for female.

The state says the new option gives people who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid a choice other than male or female. That choice will be included as part of the education department’s “Secure Student Identifier” code or “Unique Staff Identifier Number.”

The department has asked all school districts around the state to offer a third option. It says districts don’t have to reprint new registration forms, but they should be able to handle requests for the third option if necessary.

The department says existing staff should be offered the chance to re-identify as non-binary if they choose. And it says districts can offer additional gender codes if they want, but they have to be able to collapse those extra categories into the M, F or X options for reporting back to the state.

Districts will not be allowed to offer fewer than three options.

According to KVAL, “The department has previously issued guidance on gender identity by advising schools in 2016 that the individual student is the ‘person best situated to determine a student’s gender identity.'”

You may recall that Oregon was the first state to legally recognize non gender conforming people, and now issues driver licenses with a “non binary” gender option. You may also recall the transgender prison inmate who won a $267,000 lawsuit because the department of corrections refused to lodge, uhh, “her” in the womens’ blocks.


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