Lib Pastor Knocks Gateway Pundit and Candace Owens – Says Owens Is a ‘Coon’ and Bought and Paid For

This is the modern day left.
Even their pastors are unhinged nutjobs.

On Saturday morning Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted a morning attack against “Trumpkins supremacists, skinheads, and klansmen.”

Bishop Swan describes himself as a “Husband l Dad l GrandDad l Pastor l Activist l Author l Talk Show Host l Chaplain.”

Bishop Talbert Swan: Happy Saturday Tweetahs! The Trumpkins supremacists, skinheads, and klansmen are coming for a brotha early in the morning. Let me grab my can of Raid!! Let’s go!#SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayMorning


The KKK was a Democrat group.

In response to the offensive tweet, General Deplorable called on the godly bishop to follow conservative start Candace Owens.

Bishop Talbert Swan replied calling Candace Owens a “coon.”

Now this…
The good liberal pastor later attacked The Gateway Pundit and Candace Owens.

In response to being questioned on his Godly role Pastor Swan tweeted this.

Pastor Swan: Yep, demonstrating the importance of being unbought and unbossed. Y’all don’t like black folks you can’t control or who divert from your script.

I modeled being unashamedly Christian and unapologetically black.

That was crazy. So now Candace Owens is a bought and paid for coon?
Real nice, pastor.

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