Joe DiGenova: IG Report is Being Scrubbed by Rosenstein (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova said this week on Fox News with Sean Hannity that the IG report is being scrubbed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz informed lawmakers weeks ago on Capitol Hill his much-anticipated 400 page report on the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation entered the final stages.

Lawyers for the subjects included in the report were given a draft copy to prepare rebuttals for their clients which is what partially led to delays in releasing the report to the public.

DiGenova says the other reason for the delay is that Rod Rosenstein is scrubbing and redacting in order to protect the department employees.

“Rod Rosenstein is a careerist. He believes in the institution of the DOJ and the FBI to the exclusion of any accusations of fault and what is happening right now is the IG report is being scrubbed by Rosenstein and his minions and people at the FBI and they are removing as much embarrassing information about the bureau as possible,”DiGenova said.

DiGenova said this move by Rosenstein and others is reprehensible.

“The Deputy Attorney General wants to hurt the President and he wants to prevent the release of truthful information to deny transparency to the American people to protect career people inside the DOJ and the FBI,” DiGenova said.

Another reason for the delays is so the DOJ can strategically leak to control the narrative.

Lawmakers also warned Tuesday the Inspector General is being pressured to slow walk and redact significant portions of his much-anticipated report on the FBI’s (mis)handling of the Clinton investigation. 

Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley he will be releasing his report on June 14th, which is President Trump’s birthday.

Horowitz is also set to testify in a Congressional hearing about his findings on June 18th.


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