ICE Agent Breaks Ankle Protecting Little Old Lady as Protesters Swarm

A Border Patrol agent broke his ankle on Saturday while attempting to protect a little old lady from protesters who were swarming to stop a bus of illegal immigrants travelling from a detainment center in McAllen, Texas.

Approximately 200 protesters were bussed in from all over the state by the League of United Latin American Citizens. The demonstrators had formed a mob to attempt to stop the transport bus from moving the illegal aliens to another facility.

Appearing on ‘Fox & Friends‘ Sunday morning, reporter Griff Jenkins detailed how “one of the agents inside here when this bus was moving, when the melee was going on, was trying to control the crowd, was trying to ensure that he also did not step on a smaller little old lady, he broke his ankle. His ankle is broken this morning.”

A group of approximately 25 lawmakers also attended the protest. Jenkins reported that he had asked them how they felt about the fact that these detention centers were opened under the Obama administration, but they refused to comment.

Last week, an ICE office in Oregon was shut down as far-left activists from Occupy PDX camped in front of the building creating a safety concern. UPI reports that at least 100 people were involved in the occupation.

“Despite having a three-week-old baby, our family has made the decision to move into the ICE occupation,” demonstrator Gregory McKelvey tweeted. “We won’t leave until ICE does. As long as families are being separated, our family will take a stand.”

In New York City, open borders activists also blocked an ICE van. [LANGUAGE WARNING]

Trump signed an order last week to reunite families at the border, but has vowed to continue enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration.


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