ICE Protests and Building Sieges Spread Across Nation (VIDEO)

Like the 2011 Occupy protests, what started off as a dumb idea is getting even dumber as the I.C.E. protests spread to multiple cities. Starting in Portland (of course) last week, protests are now expected across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Tacoma, and others cities. There’s a even a website where folks can keep up with the nationwide goings on. The Portland protest now has more than 80 tents set up around the building, including along railroad tracks next to the building.

These protests have centered around putting I.C.E. buildings literally under siege, surrounding the property and not letting anyone in or out. In Portland, people are now referring to the building as the “abandoned ICE facility.” In fact, as one Gateway Pundit reader points out, the Portland I.C.E. building is next to a charter school, and the children are subjected to the profane signs and criminal behavior on a daily basis.

As expected, portland mayor Ted Wheeler has ordered the police to stand down and let the protesters have free reign. Meanwhile, people who live and work in the neighborhood that is under siege are getting fed up with the spoiled brats. Since the police won’t do anything to stop what is blatantly unlawful activity, citizens are resorting to such options as spraying poop scent spray on the protesters and tents, and the protesters complain about it in these news clips from KOIN6:

The Oregonian reports:

An ICE spokesperson said the facility would remain closed until “there are no longer security concerns” for employees. Homeland Security officers escorted workers out of the building as demonstrators heckled them Tuesday, the last day the office was open.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ted Wheeler said Portland police will not assist federal officers in removing protesters, a reversal from the city’s approach eight months ago when local law enforcement came under fire for placing hoods over demonstrators as they were cleared away from the same site.

Steve Lindquist, whose family owns the building, struck a protester with his SUV early in the week, Willamette Week reported. The woman said she was “not forcefully struck,” but that the incident may have aggravated a previous hip injury.

And on Thursday, at least six ICE employees, including a Milwaukie city councilor, had their home phone numbers and addresses posted to Twitter and Facebook when an activist pulled information from their public LinkedIn profiles and distributed it online.

In another video, protesters make demands of the federal government. Taking over a federal building, putting it under siege, preventing federal employees from doing their jobs, harassing and threatening the employees, and then making demands of the government pretty much constitutes some form of domestic terrorism.

Expect the parasitic disease of these protests to spread to even more cities. Perhaps this a good time for more citizens to take up cameras and record the goings on at these zoos across the country. Or maybe the feds will eventually act and arrest all of these people.

UPDATE: Live stream of the protest in Portland, via KGW.


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