French Socialist Party Says 250 Million “Climate Refugees” Should Be Imported

Looking exactly like what you would picture a French socialist party official to look like, Antoine Léaument, “communications director” of La France Insoumise, advocates for importing 250 Million “climate change” refugees from third world sh*tholes.

Voice Of Europe reports:

Léaument, member of the socialist party “La France Insoumise”, was debating with Sébastien Chenu of Marine Le Pen’s Front National, on France’s CNEWS.

When Léaument spoke of the 250 million refugees, Chenu seemingly joked about European countries accepting them into their societies, but the far left party’s bigwig appeared to take the suggestion more seriously.

“This is the only solution (…) Else what are you going to do? Throw them into the sea? Build walls? Be serious,” he said.

Within La France Insoumise, Léaument’s views are shared by the party’s leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In the first round of France’s latest presidential election, Melenchon, a well-known advocate of open borders, won 19.6% of votes.

I wonder if soy boy will be inviting some of the refuge seekers to stay in his personal home.

This comes at a time when Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Salvini are getting to work Making Italy Great Again by giving “migrants” the boot.