FIREWORKS! Rep Mark Meadows Gets in Speaker Paul Ryan’s Face Over Immigration Bill (VIDEO)

House Speaker Paul Ryan; Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows


Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) got right up in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s face on the House floor Wednesday over a proposed immigration bill.

Via Senate reporter for Fox News, Chad Pergram:

Pergram tweeted: “Freedom Caucus Chair Meadows gets up in the grill of Ryan on the Hse flor in the middle of the vote series. Rare to have a mbr take on another mbr, let alone a Spkr like that.”

Pergram also reported: Meadows says he had it out with the Spkr on the flr because no one is completely sure what immigration bills they are voting on tomorrow. “There are multiple things in the text which do not match the talking pts.” Meadows says he was “passionately advocating” for his position

Some GOPers were “disturbed” over the heated exchanged, reported Chad Pergram.

Confusion about precisely what bills the House will consider on immigration tomorrow caused the argument between Paul Ryan and Mark Meadows, reported Chad Pergram.

C-SPAN Video of the exchange: (Look at the NV column area of the screen)

VIDEO #2 of the exchange:

Politico reporter, Jake Sherman has more details on the fiery exchange between Rep. Meadows and Speaker Paul Ryan.

Mark Meadows and Paul Ryan are in a very heated discussion:

Meadows and Paul Ryan in each other’s faces!

It’s as if the 2016 election never happened.
Speaker Paul Ryan will allow votes this week on immigration including amnesty for illegal immigrant Dreamers.

Speaker Paul Ryan promised to pass amnesty for illegals in February.
Ryan also promised to pass amnesty back in September 2017.

President Trump promised Democrats amnesty for up to 3 million illegals if they would agree to build a border wall.
Democrats refused the deal.

So now pro-amnesty Republicans are determined to give Democrats what they want anyway.
These politicians are working against the American people.

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