Unreal! Lameduck Paul Ryan Reaches Agreement – Will Allow Votes on Immigration and Amnesty Next Week

It’s as if the 2016 election never happened.
Speaker Paul Ryan will allow votes next week on immigration including amnesty for illegal immigrant Dreamers.

Speaker Paul Ryan promised to pass amnesty for illegals in February.
Ryan also promised to pass amnesty back in September 2017.

President Trump promised Democrats amnesty for up to 3 million illegals if they would agree to build a border wall.
Democrats refused the deal.

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So now pro-amnesty Republicans are determined to give Democrats what they want anyway.
These politicians are working against the American people.

The Washington Times reported:

House Republicans have reached a deal to vote on two immigration bills next week, Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s office said Tuesday, setting the stage for a high-stakes floor showdown over the fate of millions of illegal immigrants.

House Republicans will hash out the options at a closed-door meeting Wednesday morning, said AshLee Strong, Mr. Ryan’s spokeswoman.

The mere act of scheduling votes is symbolically huge. It will be the first time since Republicans retook control of the chamber in 2010 that they have put a major legalization bill on the floor.

But the fact that two bills will be put on the floor suggests there is still no unanimity within the party on how far to go on legalization of “Dreamers,” nor on how to stiffen border security and interior enforcement to prevent another wave of unauthorized migration.

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