Democratic Party Protesters Take to the Streets to Call for Abolishing Our Borders (VIDEOS)

During Saturday’s nationwide protests against Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, there was one theme that seemed to play out in every city — a call for abolishing our border, thus ending our nation.

In multiple cities, the protesters, organized by Democratic Party organization, chanted “no borders, no nations, no deportations.”

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus went to the protest in Chicago and found that many people present were calling for no borders,

One of the protesters that he spoke to demanded that “we believe in opening the borders, there should be no borders. We are calling for unity of the international working class. There is no need for the national boundaries that we have — these are obsolete. There’s no need for it.

The demonstrator went on the claim that it was America’s fault that these people are fleeing, but became agitated when asked by Marcus why they would want to come to the “imperialist” nation that he believes destroyed their homes.

“This was a very angry protest. Several thousand strong. Main messages I heard and saw were ‘F*CK TRUMP,’ “TRUMP’S RACIST,’ ‘Stop putting kids in cages,’ ‘This is Nazi behavior,’ ‘Impeach Trump,’ and ‘No Borders’ — there was a lot of that. No borders was a very prevalent message. There were also many calls to end capitalism and demanding that America is imperialist,” Marcus said.

In Chicago, where Marcus was on hand filming interviews with the leftist protesters, he found that anyone who attempted to draw a distinction between illegal and legal immigrants faced immediate backlash.

“There was no room for the idea that there’s a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants,” Marcus continued. “Even raising the possibility drew instant hostility. A lot of the usual suspects on hand for any progressive Chicago protest; International ANSWER and other radical Marxist groups. I didn’t spot any black bloc or Antifa so that’s a baby step in a positive direction.”


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