Angry Leftists Hassle Venue to Back Out of ‘Democrat to Deplorable’ Book Launch Party in DC

Leftist agitators are up to their old tricks and have convinced the DC venue hosting the release party for Jack Murphy’s book Democrat to Deplorable to cancel just days before the event.

Luckily, expecting trouble, Murphy already had a back up venue planned. The party will take place on Monday from 6-8 p.m. at a venue that is to be announced.

Murphy’s book is about the many Americans who ditched the Democratic Party to vote for Donald Trump. The book is already in the top 1% of all Amazon book sales.

“Democrat to Deplorable was born of a need to tell the stories of Americans, and it was completed out of the need to persevere in the face of persecution. The cult Left confirmed everything I had been writing as they tried to ruin my life,” Murphy wrote in his book launch party announcement. “Little did they know, they only gave me more inspiration to finish the book, spread the message, and to inspire Americans to stand their ground despite the forces of darkness swirling around us.”

Speaking to The Gateway Pundit, Murphy explained that he already had a signed contract with the venue when they decided to back out in fear of protests.

“Despite a signed contract, a planned drink menu, and regular communication, the venue backed out at the last minute. It’s yet another instance where we are being shut out by the Cult Left and their psychotic protests,” Murphy said. “They won’t stop us though. I’ve had a Plan B ready all along. Come party with us!”

In January, Murphy, inadvertently became the subject of controversy when a photo was leaked of several right-wing personalities, including myself, and Chelsea Manning. Outraged that their hero was mingling with the right, members of DC Antifa began to dox everyone who appeared in the photograph.

The far-left harassers, provoked by Lacy MacAuley, one of the informal leaders of DC Antifa, then began contacting Murphy’s employer, District of Columbia Public Charter School Board, and claimed that he was a white supremacist because he supports the president.

Murphy, who was a senior manager of finance, analysis and strategy with the charter school board, had worked to improve charter schools for over a decade.

Speaking to WAMU, Art Spitzer of the ACLU of DC defended Murphy’s right to free speech.

“He’s expressing his personal views about political issues. Yes, he’s got a First Amendment right to do that, same as every other government employee,” said Spitzer. “The charter school board should explain that this is America, people have a right to express their political opinions. Liberals shouldn’t want the charter school board to fire people because they have conservative views.”

Murphy’s book launch event is $20 and includes a signed book and one hour of open bar. Tickets to the event can be purchased here.


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