Why Is This Republican Candidate Taking $$$ From A Democrat Bundler?

Late entrant into the Republican primary for Oregon governor, Greg Wooldridge, seems to be picking up steam in recent weeks, rising into double digits in the polls with heavily criticized moderate Knute Buehler and Trump supporting Sam Carpenter. Wooldridge was a late addition to the already crowded field, being one of the last to declare his candidacy, and rumored to have been urged to run by establishment campaign consultants.

But Wooldridge, a former Navy fighter pilot, is not without his own controversy.

According to Orestar reports, the state campaign finance portal, Wooldridge’s biggest contribution comes from an out of state entity known as Daybreak Investments. That was a whopping $100,000 donation.

Daybreak Investments is based in Alamo, CA, and is run by one John Ryan. As it turns out, John Ryan is a donor to several democrat politicians and PACs, and may have even given to Hillary Clinton.

John Ryan is also the president of the Bay Area arm of Brookfield Residential, a national real estate and property development operation.

According to FEC records, John Ryan also uses an address in Danville, CA. A brief recap of his contributions over the years includes:

$900 in 2016 to Kamala Harris, Democrat US Senator

$1000 in 2017 to Eric Swalwell, Democrat congressman

$1500 in 2015 to Act Blue, the giant liberal PAC that distributes money to Democrat candidates around the country

$2500 in 2016 to Mark DeSaulnier, Democrat congressman

$1000 to Swalwell again, in 2016

Another $1000 to DeSaulnier in 2016

Another $1500 to DeSaulnier in 2015

$1000 in 2012 to Swalwell again

$500 to Swalwell in 2014

$1500 in 2014 to DeSauliner

$500 to Swalwell in 2013

$500 to Swalwell in a different transaction in 2012

Congressman Swalwell is the one who’s been making headlines as of late by saying the government should “Force gun owners to get rid of assault weapons.” He was also in the news in March for making ominous threats against Trump regarding the McCabe firing.

There’s also a John Ryan who lists himself as a self employed investor in San Rafael who gave $2700 to Hillary in 2015. What are the odds that there would be two different guys with the same name, in the same area, giving to the same style candidates, who are both investors? There’s a good chance it’s the same guy, just using a different address to hide the money trail.

Wooldridge also received a $15,000 contribution from something called Take Oregon Further Faster. The biggest contribution that organization received was $50,000 from John Ryan. The same John Ryan in the Bay Area.

Why does a California based developer have such an interest in the Republican Wooldridge campaign in Oregon? Rumor has it it could be because Ryan has shown interest in developing Naval stations in the past, and could use Wooldridge’s Navy connections to leverage those deals.

It could also be from the connections of one of Wooldridge’s fundraising consultants, Jonathan Lockwood. Though Lockwood, an LGBT+ activist, generally works for Republicans, he has also helped to raise funds for a Bernie Sanders endorsed, open borders candidate running for Multnomah County Commission, Maria Garcia. One of Garcia’s opponents is Bruce Broussard, well known community activist, Republican, and host of a long running cable access TV show.

In a memo divulged to Gateway Pundit from a source within the Democratic Party Of Oregon, Lockwood is referred to as a “Republican Mouthpiece, Fear-Mongering Twitter Bully”, and allegedly worked for the troubled Knute Buehler campaign at one point. Parts of the memo read:

Lockwood came to Oregon after running conservative advocacy groups in Colorado, including a Koch-funded youth voter organization. In Colorado, he quickly earned a reputation for crossing the line. In 2015, he targeted Senator Michael Bennet and his vote on the Iran deal with an ad that featured children counting down to a nuclear bomb and drew widespread condemnation.

It prompted the Denver Post editorial board to call Lockwood “flat-out deranged” on the issue.

The Colorado Independent called him a “smearmeister” and went on to call his style “amped-up, fear-mongering and spiteful.”

His internet personality is bombastic and bullying and far outside the mainstream of Oregon values. Case in point: when he was photographed wearing a “STOP BEING POOR” t-shirt.”

The Republican primary contest for governor is a heated one, with Trump style Sam Carpenter squaring off against Democrat light Knute Buehler, along with Wooldridge and a smattering of other low polling candidates.

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